18/11/2013 09:06 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

The X Factor 2013 Live Show Six

With a cup of tea and some fish and chips on your lap, keep that stiff upper lip and enjoy this weeks theme, the Great British songbook.

So which Great British song did Dermot come dancing out to? The Fox from Norway....quickly moving on.

Hannah Barrett, who found herself in the bottom two for a second time, up against Abi, needed a good week. As ever, vocally, I can't knock her, but as she herself said in her VT, the audience just don't seem to be connecting with her.

Luke Friend, who will not be making his career singing with a Big Band following last weeks performance, was a vast improvement. Much better. I still think he has a lot more to give but will the public agree?

I'm running out of nice things to say about Sam Bailey because week after week, she is, by a country mile, the best singer in the competition. I've said it once and I will say it again, Sam is one of the best vocalists we have had on the X Factor EVER.

The last remaining group for Gary are Rough Copy and after another energetic show, they should be safe for another week.

My mate Rocky, I mean Sam Callahan came out fighting again and I'm glad I was sat down because, I'm sure there was a small glint of praise from Gary Barlow. Love or hate Sam, you can't knock his never say die attitude.

Now alongside Sam Bailey, Tamera Foster is one of my personal favourites but she looked uncomfortable with her song and at one point forgot the words. Yes she pulled it around and yes she still hit the high notes out of the park, but it just felt flat after the error.

Last up and nearly stealing the show was Nicholas McDonald. He took on and smashed an Adele song, like it was his own. At the start of the live shows, I predicted a final spot for Nicholas. This performance has made me even more confident.

So that's it from the Great British Songbook, although why did no one sing Mr Blobby or Bob the Builder.

The bottom two were Sam Callahan and Luke Friend

The sixth act to leave was Sam Callahan