28/10/2013 07:40 GMT | Updated 28/10/2013 07:40 GMT

The X Factor 2013 Live Show Three

Lights camera and hopefully loads of action, it's movie week.

Last Sunday, we lost another of Mrs O's overs, Shelley Smith. I will be honest, I wasn't a fan but I do wish her well.

Rough Copy kicked off the show, with a classic song in the shape of Bryan Adam's 'Everything I Do'. An ok start, these lads are coming on very strong.

My mate Sam Callahan did himself proud. I really do sometimes wonder if the judges are listening to something else as he received poor comments from Gary and Nicole, that I don't think we're justified. Let's see how the rest of the show and their comments pan out!

Hannah Barratt took on a big Adele song and pulled it out of the bag. Fantastic vocal performance from a young starlet, destined to be a big success in the industry.

16 year old Nicholas McDonald had to follow that fantastic showing from Hannah and yet again, it was another stunning example of what awesome young talent we have in the UK.

Abi Alton needed a good performance tonight after a poor show last week. Sadly, it was not to be. I agree with Mrs O. When she sings, she currently lacks charisma and looks like she is scared half to death.

After missing last week due to illness, Miss Dynamix had to come out fighting. Well, erm, this was not the best. I agreed with Nicole, the vocals were not great but I do love these girls. Could be in trouble.

I think some of the acts wish that they were literally were in a movie, so they could do another take...

Sam Bailey took on Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' and sang it better than the original. Week after week, Sam is World Class and one of the best contestants to ever grace the X Factor stage. Another week where Sam, has completely blown me away.

After last weekends flash vote shocker, Kingsland Road really had to make sure it didn't happen again. It wasn't the best vocally, but they have tonnes of energy and it did break up what has been a week of, a load of old ballads...

Minus his boat this week, Luke Friend is starting to really look like a pop star, likeable guy, good vocal ability and possibly this years' dark horse.

It's been a real mixed week, so will Tamera Foster end movie week with a bang?

It was another great performance from Tamera? It's no secret that I love this girl and unless something remarkable happens, it's a straight fight for the X Factor crown between Tamera & Sam Bailey.

The act bottom of the Saturday flash vote and automatically in Sunday's bottom two was ...Miss Dynamix

They were joined in Sunday sing off by Hannah Barratt.

The third act to leave The X Factor 2013, was Miss Dynamix