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The X Factor 2013 Show Eight

Last of the auditions tonight and the final Arena performances. They must have sent my audition letter to the wrong address.

Ryan Mathie got the show on the road and gave a performance full of character and gusto. He got the audience on his side, a standing ovation for his version of "get lucky" .

London went head banging crazy for Tenors of Rock and if Mrs O likes it, then who am I to argue.

After leaving her girl band, this was Hannah Sheares first audition alone. After an expected nervy start, Hannah found her feet and sailed through to bootcamp. Well done and good luck.

Code 4, Xyra, Brick City and Dynamix all made bootcamp in the groups category. The latter had one of the best female lead vocals (CeCe) I have ever heard on the X Factor.

The next big pop star Sam Callahan breezed into bootcamp and the judges loved him. Zoe Devlin and Joseph Whelan joined him after two knock out auditions.

Wedding singer Crissie Rhodes got a great 'reception' after her emotional performance. Crissie your fees have just doubled!

Giles Potter was a lucky lad tonight. Gary was on his side giving him a pep talk after his audition. Let's hope he takes the advice on board.

The honour of the last 2013 X Factor audition went to Paul Akister. There were no signs of the confidence issues he said had held him back from entering previous shows. Great singer with a lovely tone to his voice. Great end to the auditions.

Right, I'm off to clean up Wembley, in time for bootcamp