The X Factor 2013 Show Seven

The X Factor 2013 Show Seven

Get 'The Room' ready for the last time team, it's the final auditions for 2013...I wonder if I will see anyone, I know tonight?

So will any stars be born tonight, well, if they are, it will start in London.

2 Shoes wannabes Duplex were up first. Please, please make it stop. No more! Next act Shozod really didn't improve things. It was bad. So bad my cat ran out of the room and he is used to my harmonic tones.

What we need now is salvation, someone good, someone memorable...step up Justin Peng. Come on admit it, you thought he was going to be rubbish. Great voice and a cool guy, well done lad.

Next up is 19 year old Sam Callahan from Essex. Now I'm sure I have seen him before. OK the cat is out of the bag, Sam is on my agency. That aside and being totally honest. Sam is a star in the making. Charismatic, good looking, hardworking, oh, and he can sing pretty good too.

Right, back to it. Next up was Paul Akister. First-class audition, just wish he had had more airtime so we could enjoy him a bit more.

The return of Joseph Whelan showed us just how brave and tough you have to be in this business. If at first you don' t succeed and all that. It takes guts to come back, and he gave us a powerful and emotional performance. The judges loved him all over again and he sailed through. See you on the big stage.

Real life girlfriend & boyfriend Patricia & Dean (really) AKA Green Boots may have been in love, but I far from loved it. Oh my ears. Perfect for Mills & Boon but not for Gary & Co.

It didn't get any better for the next few auditions, in fact it kept getting worse. Where is the talent? Too many disillusioned folk out there

Girl band trio, The Daisy Chains were faced with a horrible decision when Hannah Sheares was asked to make a big choice following their group performance. The judges asked her to come back alone. After a heartbreaking chat, she made the right decision and went back. Fantastic vocal, hope it works out Hannah, if not give me a call.

Call centre operative Jayson was on the 'receiving' end of good news after his outstanding performance. Andrea Magee and Lorna Simpson then followed (separately) and were both brilliant, both have near perfect vocal ability.

The Nostalgics, gave us a real feel good end to the room auditions, they definitely brought some sunshine in to my room. The cat felt it was safe to return too.

Next stop Wembley...


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