02/09/2013 12:27 BST | Updated 02/09/2013 12:27 BST

The X Factor 2013 Show Two

This years' X Factor is like a bus, you wait ages and then two shows come along at once.

Last night, the acts got past Gary, Mrs O, Nicole, Louis, oh and 'The Room' but can they get past the arena? Time will tell.

Last on Saturday, first on tonight for Sam Bailey. She wowed us last night, will she be able to repeat the performance to a 4,000 buzzing crowd?

Two performances, two outstanding examples of a wonderful vocal and most importantly, two standing ovations from the judges.

Hannah Bennett got the cheers from the crowd. Felt there were a few bum notes tonight. Maybe the nerves crept in, but she did win everyone over.

Luke 'Justin Bieber' Britnell, complete with red hanky hanging out the pocket, didn't have it tonight. Dodgy notes, but at least he could play the guitar. First one to get the wave goodbye. Two auditions didn't help this guy.

Alejandro brought his United Nations gang with him tonight for support. Just throw in a few Spanish words and the girls loved him. Swoon! I don't know what they saw in him though. I can hear the Boos for me, from all the girls. Think I will practice my espanol if that's what happens...Four Si's from the judges.

Lock up your daughters, next up is Phil (with an F) Henley. Call me cynical but I don't think his guitar was plugged in. Anyway, this was bad and I agreed with Mrs O. 

First up in the Silver Rock sing off was Jerrie. Sadly the nerves got the better of her, I hate being negative, but it wasn't good. Mrs O got the deciding vote and it was a no.

So with one down, can Tamera pull it out of the bag?

After a shaky start, Tamera warmed up and blew everyone away, Louis was bang on, the potential for this girl is massive. Tonight, we saw a huge star of the future. 

After two shows Tamera and Sam Bailey are on the Midas shortlist.

Right, I'm off to clear up the glasses Phil (with an F) threw on the stage.