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The X Factor 2013 Bootcamp Show Two

Five piece Kingsland look the part to be the next cool group. Great guys with huge likeability, tighten the vocals and you are top five material, if not higher.

It's time for bootcamp part two... if my nerves can take it.

We carry on from where left off last night with Mrs O and her Overs category. I hope the guys already in their chairs have good stamina. It was a long night.

Shelley Smith resumed the musical chairs game and I have to admit she was impressive. I wasn't a fan before, but she deserved her chair tonight.

Katie Markham and Andrea Magee filled the remaining chairs BUT, there are still two acts to go. Lorna Simpson then really put the cat amongst the pigeons, with the best overs performance by far. Lorna got her much deserved chair which sadly meant Sabrina had to give up hers.

One act remaining, and Zoe Devlin rocked it. Put this girl though Mrs O. Please. Thankfully my prayers were answered. Zoe took the final seat and took the place of Katie.

With no time to rest, up next, it's Gary Barlow with his groups and with these numbers, he needs more than 6 chairs...

Brick City went first. It wasn't perfect but they deserved a chair and took it with pride.

Next up was Rough Copy. But tonight's the night when three became two, as one member had a visa problem. Completely respect him for allowing the group to carry on. There were a few bum notes but forget that, after what they have been through, they deserved their seat.

This was the first time I had seen NVS and after that performance, I hope it's the last. Sorry guys.

Five piece Kingsland look the part to be the next cool group. Great guys with huge likeability, tighten the vocals and you are top five material, if not higher. I would sign these guys.

Xyra, Tenors of Rock and Code 4 did enough to get a chair. Then, for the first time, we met the newly formed girl band consisting of SeSe, Jeanette and Rielle aka Dynamix and these girls rocked. What potential, these girls are ones to watch. The Tenors of Rock sadly lost their chair to the girls, but think they won their place fair and square.

All the chairs are now filled with Next of Kin still to go. Even though the three lads gave it a good shot, it was game over. The chair was not to be.

The acts going to Gary's judges house are Dynamix, Kingsland, Xyra, Code 4, Rough Copy and Brick City.

The final category to fight for judges houses is Louis boys.

Next up was my mate Sam Callahan. Seriously I am not being biased, Sam was brilliant. He looks like a ready made pop star. He even has a Crazy tattoo! Seriously. Anyway first chair reserved.

Paul Akister took the next chair but yodeller Barclay Beales ran out of luck and was sent home.

Alejandro did an awesome job of One Direction's 'Little Things' and nabbed a chair. Ryan Mathie joined him.

We didn't see much of Luke Friend but he took another chair, can Giles Potter join him? Of course he can. Now the pressure is on Louis.

Top man award goes to Giles, who, even though he knew there were no more spare chairs, still shouted 'come on Tom' when Tom Mann walked on the stage. It was the end of the road for Tom, but what a lovely moment, in the heat of battle.

No spare seats and here comes Nicholas McDonald. His arena audition was one of the best. This audition more than matched that and Louis gave him a chair...Alejandro was sent home.

The final Six boys are Sam, Nicholas, Giles, Paul, Luke, and Ryan.

I'm blooming exhausted after this weekend. I need a lie down.

Right, I'm off to mop up Giles Potters tears.