14/10/2013 11:57 BST | Updated 14/10/2013 11:57 BST

The X Factor 2013 Live Show One

The first live show brings so much pressure, so much in fact, even I'm sweating and I'm not even singing.

The theme tonight is the 80's so get out your leg warmers and fingerless gloves.

First up, with no pressure whatsoever, was Hannah Barratt. She looked like she was having the time of her life. Excellent start, the confidence oozed out. Go girl.

Nicholas McDonald followed with True. Must have been hard for him not growing up with the original. He did have a bit of a Gary Barlow style. Not sure how deliberate.

An OK performance. He may have to raise his game to stand out amongst the other lads though!

Gary's Miss Dynamix wanted us to 'Jump' for their vote. I really like these girls, but this didn't blow me away. Very disappointed.

Before I go on, tonight made me realise how brilliant it is to have Mrs O back. In fact, it's great darling.

Really looking forward to Sam Bailey's performance. This woman is amazing, one of the best female vocalists on the X Factor and one of the best performances EVER.

My mate Sam Callahan was up next, I loved it and what a buzz from the girls. Well done, awesome start. Just remember Sam, although I think you have a great voice, it really isn't all about the singing, no matter what the judges say. There are some really successful past contestants who have done really well. It's their personality that shines through and boy do you have a great one of those.

Kingsland Road did a phenomenal job of 'I'm your man' good vocally, nice energy. I really enjoyed it.

I have not been the biggest fan of Shelley Smith and tonight hasn't changed my mind. I agreed with Gary.

When I found out Abi Alton's "Living on a prayer" song choice, I was fearful, sorry judges, I disagree. That was not an outstanding performance, just ok. I am intrigued as to her next performance though as she is different and I do really like her.

It's been a very mixed start to the live shows, let's hope Lorna Simpson can improve my mood. Well, it wasn't the best of the night, but certainly wasn't the worst.

I love, love Tamara Foster, such potential, but can she deliver on the live stage?Seriously, this girls could sell albums, right now. Unless something goes horribly wrong, this girl is top two.

The last of Louis's boys was the lad 'with the hair' Luke Friend. I hate being negative, but as a talent manager, I also have to be honest and after that, I was completely on the fence.

Rough Copy finished the show in amazing fashion, now that's how you perform. Lads, you blew me away.

The act bottom of the Saturday flash vote and automatically in Sunday's bottom two was ...Shelley Smith

She was joined in Sunday sing off by Lorna.

The first act to leave The X Factor 2013, was Lorna Simpson