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X Factor Review Show Two

Is it really week two of the X factor auditions? I have been reliably informed that this year, there won't be any Novelty acts to, entertain us...oh but hold on.....

Ladies and gentlemen meet Mr Rylan Clark.

Rylan told us that he use to be part of both a Westlife and a Take That tribute act, I am a little dazed as to who he was in either. He also completely forgot to tell us however, that he recently appeared on a Katie Price show on Sky. Do the talents of this man show no end?

Anyway, to concentrate on the singing, where do I start...OK, as a talent agent, I wanted to dislike Rylan, but I couldn't, sorry. Agreed the vocal needs (a lot) of work but he was fun to watch and like guest judge Rita Ora, I want to see him again.

Corr blimey governor, Dick Van Dyke would like the next act, Chimney sweep Kye.

Kye did a very good audition but it didn't wow me. I have to honest and admit I also think the standing ovation was a bit over the top. Nothing personal Kye but it wasn't for me.

After enjoying a few amusing, ropey auditions, we then welcomed Lucy Spraggan and her guitar on to the stage.

What a girl. Thank you Lucy for providing something unique and letting us hear your song writing talents. The song (Last Night, available on iTunes) was genius. The downloads will fly in after that performance, and rightly so. There is a place for this type of talent on the X Factor, I think her timing is just right. In the words of the audience, Lucy, "we want more" and you are top of my 'Midas act' list.

For the first time EVER the X Factor auditions visited Newcastle. My wife is a Geordie and I have lived here for 12 years, so I will translate for all you non-north easterners, as it appears certain people had trouble understanding, ahem Nicole.

The North East is a hot bed of talent. Cheryl Cole, Joe McElderry, Jade and Perrie from Little Mix, Sting, Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys and Mark Knopfler all hail from the region. And who can forget the critically acclaimed, 'Let's get ready to rumble' from duo Ant and Dec.

Billy gave us our first taste of Newcastle. The hot bed must be in hiding. He was bad. The audience knew more of the song than he did, and sang it better too. He knew it was bad. Keep the singing for the terraces mate. You can bet he will be all over my local press this week. Enjoy it mate.

Let's hope Sophie can bring you all round...right, ahem. Next.

So as show two came to an end we met James Arthur. Come on son, do us proud.

James showed us real passion and is the kind of artist that deserves this chance in the spotlight. In saying that, the vocal wasn't watertight and he will need to improve if he is to proceed in the competition. I do like him though.

So that's week two, done and dusted, I'm off to download Lucy's album...have a good week.