03/05/2016 07:43 BST | Updated 02/05/2017 06:12 BST

The Benefits of Being a Plus Size Blogger

I have to say, I love being a plus size blogger. As hobbies go, I can't think of anything that I would be more suited to. I love that my social media feeds are filled with other bloggers and people talking about similar topics. I started blogging when I lived in London a couple of years ago and it definitely gave me a great way to meet new people and try new things whilst living in the capital.

Learning New Things

One of the nicest things about blogging is what it has taught me. Of course it goes without saying that body confidence is one of the nicest things it has helped me with. I have always liked my body but without a doubt blogging has improved this and that has changed my life in so many ways. That said it has taught me so much more. For example I learned to make cocktails at a cocktail bar in Manchester and have learned how to model in front of the camera for mainstream brands - both of which were fantastic experiences.

Meeting New People

Attending blogging events has helped to expand my social circle and this has been really lovely. Sometimes it can be frustrating that so many people who think the same as you live at opposite ends of the country but you can definitely make it work. There are often blogging events that people make the effort to go to - so as well as meeting brands you get to hang out with your favourite friends and bloggers, there's not many better ways to spend your time.


The Free Stuff!

Of the things people don't really like to talk about is the free stuff they get as a blogger. Many people don't class it as free because of the work that they have to put into making a blog post if they are sent an item to review. However I have to be honest and say I love a cheeky freebie. Even before I became a blogger I used websites such as FabFreeSamples to apply for free products - I get a real buzz out of receiving free items through the post.

I Love Being A Blogger

To be honest with you the biggest benefit of being a blogger is the fact I have a platform to say what I want to say. I have always been opinionated and so having somewhere that I can rant about things is really one of the best benefits. I love that people will read what I have to say and that we can debate our different opinions.

The amount I blog varies but that is great for me, because there is no pressure to keep up with deadlines etc. because I blog for me, so I can do it as often or as little as I like.

There's really not much to hate about being a blogger. I get to write about what I like, try on new clothes, experience new things and hang out what like-minded people - what more could a plus size girl want?