07/09/2015 12:40 BST | Updated 05/09/2016 06:59 BST

Why Don't You Drink?

I don't drink.

This statement is often met with confusion and generally the same line of questioning. Why? Why not? Did you ever drink? Would you not just have the one? Are you driving? Are you training? And later as the night rolls on, did you have a drink problem? Are you pregnant? Do you have health issues? To all the above questions the answer is simply no. Abroad people don't believe I'm Irish when I don't drink. Everyone is born drinking Guinness apparently (although I have had this mixed with milk as a 'cure' for many ails in my time - thanks Granny).

So what is the answer?

I don't know why I don't drink. I just have zero interest. It wasn't planned nor is it a health thing or anything along those lines. I don't really think about it that much so when people ask I feel I need to think of a simple answer to this one. But there isn't one except "I just don't." I didn't do it for specific reasons, I had no defining reason. It just gradually happened. This is just me. It's best for everyone trust me, I'm hyper enough without it.

It's a lot of useless calories but that's not the reason either though it's a nice aside. I feel awful after it but then who doesn't? I'd be tipsy after a glass of wine. Sure if I'm only going to have one I may aswell not drink and just drive, is my line of thinking. Coming from a small town where taxis are not easily flagged down on a Saturday night this makes total sense to me. And recently at a wedding I was called upon to bring a guest to A&E. See a sober friend is handy.

I have had a drink or two in my time and I'm not in any way against alcohol or having a good time. I'm just like you guys, really, I'm not that weird. My friends just accept I am the driver on nights out so it really just suits everyone.

And no, I'm not the 'dry' girl standing in the corner. People are usually surprised when I produce the car keys at the end of the night. My dancing skills obviously leave a lot to be desired if I looked hammered two minutes before. But I get super excited when I'm out with my friends and the music just makes me want to dance and have fun.

Just a little tip if you are thinking of going tee total, when nights go on until three or four in the morning, while others are feeding off their calorific drinks, if you're on water you may be hungry but everyone's heading to the chipper by then anyway.

I recently met a fantastic new group of people and on our first night out three of them came up to me separately and said I was so lucky I didn't drink and they were going to try it for a while. You all have free will guys. Drink, don't drink it really doesn't bother me. I'm not advocating it at all, it just suits me. I do get a little annoyed if my Sunday is ruined by hungover whinging though but I tend to sleep through it most of the time in fairness.

I must admit though caught in the moment of music and abandonment of flashing lights, things happen and if you don't drink you don't have that cushion the next morning of excusing your actions. It was the bubbles in the water I swear!

I've also been told the next day I look hungover. I'm just tired people give me a break - I woke up like this! Unless I've been drinking coke, then yes there is no worse come down let me tell you. I've also been told "you were so drunk last night." Nope. Again, that's just me - shameless!

I don't like to remind people what they've done in their often inebriated state but they do tend to ask and it's handy that I can fill in the blanks in any or all events. I also take a lot of pics but I'm quite discreet the next day I swear, I'm good like that.

All in all it works for me, it's handy for my friends. I'm lucky I can relax without a drink and enjoy myself and hop into the car and leave when I want. There's nothing wrong with me, I've no issues with alcohol, I just have zero interest. I hope this clears it up.

The only thing that is really boring about not drinking is having the same conversation with people over and over about why I don't drink, so let's just leave it at that people.