Cuppy Takes Ibiza

05/07/2016 12:49 BST | Updated 06/07/2017 10:12 BST

Going on holiday is always an exciting time, but going to Ibiza is nothing short of a conquest! After years of missing countless party seasons and hearing my friends and fellow DJs speaking of their incredible nights, I knew it was finally time for me to have an Ibiza adventure. Although I'm a professional DJ, I find it interesting (and slightly embarrassing!) that I had never been to Ibiza until last week! But now that I've finally been to the sacred DJ-island, I no longer have to avoid joining conversations about 'Carl Cox at Space' and 'David Guetta at Pacha'. I now have a lot to say - trust me...

My trip to Ibiza started on the plane; as I walked onto the flight I instantly noticed the majority of people were wearing sun hats and sandals. Being a seasoned traveller, I am used to this, however this crowd was more energetic than usual; even the pilot wished us a "safe onwards journey and happy partying"! Upon arrival into Ibiza airport I instantly noticed adverts everywhere, not for products, but for parties. By the time I had collected my luggage I knew Ushuai was throwing a weekly party called 'ANTS' and Sankeys was hosting 'Redlight'. In the taxi to my hotel I saw even more adverts; faces of superstar DJs blown up on billboards in the middle of motorways and roundabouts. Never had I seen such in my life - DJs are like gods in Ibiza! A feeling of excitement came over me.

My first night was most probably my best; after meeting Liz, Michou, and Lola from my management team for a power-dinner we headed to the legendary Circoloco party at DC 10. To my surprise there was minimal production, but with a sound system like theirs I understood why. Black Madonna and the Martinez Brothers both graced the booth and took the crowd on a tropical journey lead by a heavy techno beat. I was desperate to get closer and see the equipment and set up, but I was getting drawn to dance by the addictive beats. Many of our nights followed this infectious dance pattern; from our nights at Amnesia to Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Our visit to the notorious West End at San Antonio proved an unusual experience. Surrounded by British accents and pop music, it almost made me feel like we were on Shoreditch High Street back home. Here we treated ourselves to some guilty pleasure pop before we returned to Playa d´en Bossa where we were staying. By night five, I was exhausted and so were my ears! Desperate for some quality nourishment, we treated ourselves to some delicious lobster spaghetti at the world-renowned Blue Marlin before we headed to the airport.

While of course I enjoyed my trip, I wasn't without my war wounds - I found myself back in London with cigarette burn marks on my arm, crazy tan lines on my neck, a cut on my nose and couple of mosquito bites. The island is both mentally and physically mind-blowing.... Nonetheless, I wouldn't trade my Ibiza experience for anything in the world! I return to London an inspired DJ determined to revisit, but next time behind a booth on the beautiful island...

Oh, and before you ask, no, I did not take a pill in Ibiza...