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25 Lessons I've Learned at 25

Life has no meaning besides the one you create for yourself. It is only up to you to decide what meaning to fulfill your life with.

I didn't turn 25 yesterday. I'm not turning 26 tomorrow either. In fact, my birthday is not even this month. But who said we should reflect on our life lessons close to our birth date only?!

I felt this is the right time for me to reflect on what I've gone through and appreciate what I've learned so far. To be honest, while doing it the list became longer than 25 points, but I asked myself what would be the top 25 only.

It is written in the format of wishes for myself and my future kids. But I hope you also find something that would deeply connect to your lessons and resonate with your own life experience.

1. Life has no meaning besides the one you create for yourself. It is only up to you to decide what meaning to fulfill your life with.

2. Everything is our choice. We can't control what is happening out there, but we can choose to accept it or not. The only things exist in the world are the ones we allow to exist. We are not what happened to us - we are what we choose to become.

3. Each and every thought of ours literally creates our future. Everything starts as a thought and this thought can be changed. The initial power is in now. So observe more consciously what you think and how you think.

4. When we take, we experience satisfaction. When we give - joy. So give, whatever it takes - it is a way to the world of abundance, joy and happiness.

5. He who has a "why" will probably find out almost any "how". To find your own "why" is the utmost priority.

6. If a problem can be solved and you can do something about it, there is no point to worry. If it can't be fixed - there is no help in worrying either. Worrying has become our habit unfortunately. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.

7. You create worry and anxiety when you measure success by others' praise or blame. Measure it by your own satisfaction of the experience. Instead of clock, use compass. Find your true north.

8. In fact, "like attracts like". This law explains why we attract into our lives only those situations and those people who are close to our inner essence. Be the one you want to attract and be surrounded by.

9. We are the product of our environment. Hence, surround yourself by those who more kind, more wise and simply better than you. And make sure you do your best every day to reach out to their level. That's the secret of personal growth.

10. The only way to teach a child is to show an example from your own life. Being a role model and showing a personal example every day are the ways to change the world too.

11. The only time to create something is "now". However our ego is not used to work in this way - it is constantly rushing back and forth - from bygone days up to the ones yet to come. Therefore you should exercise your ego so that it can stay in the present moment. The faster you learn how to get to the "Here and now" more often the sooner you'll get the ticket to the greatness.

12. Grow and cultivate your Love within yourself. It is only love that enables you to grow above fairness and justice into forgiveness. Win with love and you can win everything. Seek with joy and everything in the Universe will respond accordingly.

13. Don't repay evil for evil. It is exactly what evil needs. Learn from the plant that has principle - in order to grow you have to focus only to the light ignoring the darkness. Any battle with darkness happens on the field of darkness and by the rules of darkness, hence you can't win by default.

14. For trees in order to thrive you have to take care of the roots and cut unnecessary branches. An ability to recognize and maintain important things in life, and courage to say "No" to other things sometimes - is an art that will lead you to prosperity and greatness.

15. Use formula: Being - Doing - Having. If you want to have something, ask "What I have to do for that?" However don't hasten, step back and ask again "Who should I be for that?" Most people call it "Flow". In the flow you can only be. It is not so easy though.

16. It is only effort that depends on us, not the result. The key is to envision the end result, to shape the desire and put all the efforts to make it happen having no exact expectations whatsoever.

17. All the great things were not achieved in a day. It would have been so easy then. Great achievements and changes are the result of thousands of things that need to be made without unnecessary fanfare. Starting today. Step by step. Small steps every day would make a journey of thousand miles. So roll up your sleeves and start going. Welcome to life.

18. Sometimes your decision to let go has more power and grace than holding and defending. It is crucial to honor the past, but don't get stuck in it.

19. Now and then you should honestly admit to yourself - "I don't know". It's not your weakness; it's your strength. Otherwise you become a hostage of the illusions of your own awareness and knowledge and, hence, not able to grasp and learn upcoming new.

20. Gratitude is a key to abundance and happiness. "The boy without shoes was crying until he met a boy without legs". Remember, "Gratitude is an attitude!"

21. Mistakes are inevitable. The sooner you realize that, the faster you'll be prepared to make a mistake. The intention to make a mistake and be ready to make a mistake is not the same. When you lose, do not lose the lesson.

22. Time is the most undervalued resource. When you are young, your most important asset is not your experience, your ideas or even your talent as you might think. Use your time wisely. Invest in developing your talent, big ideas and relevant experience. Travel the world, risk big and learn fast. Always keep in mind, this day can't be returned or exchanged back.

And instead of trying to get higher on the ladder as fast as possible, make sure this is the right ladder and it is leaning against the right wall. You will have time to climb, trust me.

23. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. First things first: to live, to learn, to love and to leave legacy - there is nothing else you should think about. It is not going to be easy to focus on them, but it is worth it. And always put your heart in it.

24. A conjunction "and" is much more powerful than "or". And much closer to the truth. Learn from true love that always contains what is not love, always strives to embrace what is unloving.

25. Our life is more about the journey, than the destination. To end up at the top of a summit has no point if the journey was not well lived and experienced. While climbing up enjoy the scenery on the way. There is a lot see and to remember!

25+. The more I live and experience the more I find out unknown and undiscovered. Life has no limits when it comes to valuable learning. And I'm absolutely thrilled with the new lessons to embrace!