16/05/2016 15:47 BST | Updated 17/05/2017 06:12 BST

Five Reasons the Great British Sewing Bee Should Inspire You to Start Sewing

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The Great British Sewing Bee is back and this means one of two things. You're either swooning over Patrick Grant being back on the TV or you're wishing you could make your own clothes. While I can't help you with the first one here are five reasons you should stop wishing and start doing... 

Sewing is easier than you think

The internet is jam packed full of tutorials and sewing support. Don't be overwhelmed by everyone's extensive handmade wardrobe and seemingly expert sewing skills, everyone has to start somewhere. There are lots of simple patterns available in range of styles to suit your fashion needs. Former GBSB contestant Tilly Walnes has a great line of patterns over at Tilly and the Buttons with many made specifically for beginners so you can get sewing without being overwhelmed by the sewing lingo. If you start while the show is taking place it should tackle any tricky sewing questions you might have. It will also show you that you're not the only one making mistakes.

Clothes made for you, by you

Ever been out and about then seen someone wearing the exact same thing as you? Or ever seen an item of clothing in the shops but wished it came in a different colour or pattern? This is why sewing is great. You have ownership over your wardrobe! You can create clothing suited to your tastes, made to fit your body. What the high street can't take into account is your individuality, it doesn't know your favourite colour or your body shape but you do. Sewing means you're not confined to the ideals of the fashion industry, just check out any of the sewing social media hashtags and what you will find is that your talents are celebrated not what you look like.

You're supporting a Fashion Revolution

In my last article I talked about how sewing supports the improvement of the fashion industry. Just having one handmade piece in your wardrobe is a great start! You can make conscious decisions about everything from your clothing consumption to fabric choices. The power is back in your hands. And the fear that handmade clothes lack quality? What you'll actually find is the quality of your clothes will start to shame the ones on the high street.

You're helping to keep the sewing skill alive

As the Fashion Revolution highlights, our access to fast fashion means that often we take the skill and craft of our clothes for granted. The idea of sewing is often perceived as for 'older women' and the idea of handmade frowned upon because it's a bit Art Attack. But with sewing increasing in popularity not all patterns are knee length dresses made of curtain fabric like your imagination is telling you. Sewing is whatever you make it. Even better, once you've nailed the sewing skill take it all one step further and learn to pattern cut. With that many skills under your belt your wardrobe possibilities will be endless.

Having a hobby is good for you health

Studies have shown that crafting can help with anxiety and depression. Sewing helps engage your brain and relieve it of the stresses of everyday life. Most sewers start because they find their everyday jobs are not creatively stimulating and often when we are faced with job dissatisfaction it's because it lacks that creative aspect. Without taking drastic measures such as quitting your job, sewing gives you that thing that work often can't. When sewing deadlines and briefs are your own and you are the only person you need to please. It's creatively stimulating and the outcome? A piece of clothing you can wear. Win,win.

So this season of the Great British Sewing Bee kick start your handmade wardrobe. Don't just envy the skills of the contestants try them out for yourself. Who knows next season you'll either be watching it in your handmade clothes or perhaps even taking part.

If you want to find out more or would like more sewing advice head over to my blog where I will be posting weekly beginners guides to make getting started a little less scary.

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