26/03/2014 06:16 GMT | Updated 25/05/2014 06:59 BST

Expectant Mothers Should Think Quality, Not Quantity, When It Comes to Accessing Information Online

With the rise of the internet and smartphone technology, it has never been easier to access information instantly, which I can imagine might seem particularly useful for first-time expectant mothers. Many feel overwhelmed at the thought of the 9-month journey ahead and are looking for answers to pressing questions in-between midwife appointments - after all, it's natural for mothers and fathers to have lots of questions as their baby develops. So searching online for information, something we do for so many other aspects of our lives, seems like a logical step when faced with a new situation.

But whilst the ability to access a wealth of information online should provide peace of mind for mums-to-be, the array of different sources available, all too often offering conflicting information, means that the internet may well be more of a hindrance than a help in this case, and bad advice is of particular concern when people are reading up on matters related to health.

The volume of information available on the web is great for researching holiday destinations, comparing energy tariffs, or searching for the best deals at the supermarket. But, when it comes to your health, and your pregnancy, its better to put a limit on the information you are digesting and always make sure the advice you seek is government recommended and NHS approved.

This is the reason the Start4Life Information Service for Parents was put in place. It's an NHS service offering evidence-based, expert-approved advice service for pregnant women and new mums. The service cuts through all of the advice available on the internet, to provide one source of approved information on staying healthy in pregnancy that is easily digestible. When parents-to-be sign up to the personalised service during their pregnancy, they will receive tailored weekly text and email updates as the baby grows and after it's born. The Start4Life site also houses all the NHS approved information parents-to-be and parents need on staying healthy in pregnancy and getting their 0-2 year old off to the best start.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and parents-to-be need to take care not to let it get overwhelming. Hopefully the information provided by Start4Life will make sure that women get the right information they need, allowing them to enjoy this special period and look forward to the arrival of their little one knowing they are fully informed.