21/10/2013 12:52 BST | Updated 20/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Day 5: Sluice Alternative

Sluice art fair is completely different from the usual clean white visual aesthetic of modern art fairs, where sales are paramount and visual clutter to be avoided. Sluice goes for odd spaces and mainly artist run galleries and there is a wild performative aspect to the fair. For 2013 it is in an old factory space that reminds me of former times in New York, London and Berlin, when the have a go spirit saw artists flock to Alphabet City, Hoxton and the Former East all now transformed to chic places to shop (if not live - well maybe the grandchildren can for a few years).

The following images are my pick of the fair.


Rob Leech, (A touch of ) Instant Tan, 2012, printed self-adhesive vinyl (the colour taken directly from an image of Amy Childs)


Gary Petersen, Untitled S, 2012, acrylic & oil on panel, Theodore:Art, Brooklyn


Sam Curtis, Centre for Innovative and Radical Fishmongery, performance installation at Division of Labour, Malvern


Esther Planas, performance installation, Five Years gallery, London


Joshua Raffell, installation at Studio 1.1, London


Sarah Doyle, Falling in Love With Greta Garbo, 2013, watercolour paintings & looped annimation


Chris Hawtin, painting and sculpture installation at C&C Gallery, London


Philip Newcombe, Hooligan, 2013, installed polished aluminium football stud at Fort gallery, London

And perhaps my own personal favourite was Dave Evans' Artist's Car Bumper Stickers part of the TOOOLS shop "of items to assist your navigation of art fairs worldwide" at Liverpool's The Royal Standard gallery.