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10 Tips for Achieving a Kissable Smile

So you've planned your gorgeous outfit, had a lovely romantic evening and then, as you lean into the stop! What's that smell? What's that on his tooth? The moment's ruined! Nobody wants that to happen now, do they?!

With Christmas approaching nobody wants to be single and, with the Christmas party season approaching, it's the perfect time to get your love life moving.

We've discussed ways to meet potential dates, where to go on first dates and even what to wear but after meeting that special someone it's time to prepare for the next step... that all important first kiss.

So you've planned your gorgeous outfit, had a lovely romantic evening and then, as you lean into the stop! What's that smell? What's that on his tooth? The moment's ruined! Nobody wants that to happen now, do they?!

The appearance of your teeth is very important as, other than your hair and shoes, your teeth are the first thing that people notice. It's very important to take care of them.

To help you get gorgeous teeth and minty breath all year round, we've asked leading cosmetic dentist Dr Krupal Shah ( for his advice.

Here are Dr Krupal's top 10 tips for achieving a kissable smile.

1) Visit Your Dentist Regularly.

I know this sounds obvious but you'd be surprised by how many people avoid the dentist. For some people this is due to busy schedules; for others, it's due to the fear of treatment. Whatever your reason it is extremely important to make time for a check-up as regular dental examinations along with professional cleanings are a failsafe way to help you keep your teeth clean, white, and healthy for a lifetime.

(Remember: The more regularly you get check-ups, the less likely you are to encounter dental problems.)

2) Beware Of Stains.

Drinking red wine, black tea, coffee and smoking are all notorious for giving your teeth a darker, duller appearance. They may taste great at the time but, ask yourself... is a moment's pleasure worth a lifetime of unattractive teeth?

3) DIY Whitening.

Teeth whitening doesn't always need to be expensive. Simple changes to your diet can help you to achieve, whiter, brighter looking teeth for a fraction of the cost. Some natural tooth whiteners that you can use include eating crunchy vegetables and fresh apples. Not only do they taste delicious but their crunchiness provides a cleaning action to your teeth which helps to remove some of the lighter staining.

4) Pay Attention To Your Whole Mouth.

It sounds simple but it's very important to clean your whole mouth. Everybody brushes their teeth but it's very important to floss, use mouthwash and to brush your tongue too.

5) Your Tongue.

Your tongue is made up of many different folds in which dead cells and bacteria can hide. It's very important to clean your tongue properly as, if you don't, the neglected dead cells and bacteria can result in bad breath. Nobody want's that do they?!

6) Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep.

Flossing will help keep tooth decay and periodontal disease in check but it can also make your teeth whiter and brighter.

7) Use An Antibacterial/Fluoride Mouthwash.

Mouthwashes can get to places we sometimes miss from brushing and flossing. They also have the ability to lower the bacteria count in your mouth meaning fresher breath so it's definitely worth doing.

8) Chew Sugarless Gum (With Xylitol).

Xylitol has been shown to decrease the incidence in tooth decay when chewed regularly.

9) Choose The Right Lipstick.

Ladies, this one's for you. At the moment it's fashionable to wear bright, striking lipstick colours. On some people, these can look stunning but on others they can make your teeth appear yellow or stained. If you are thinking of wearing a bright colour, I recommend trying a medium coral or light red lipstick. These colors will make your teeth appear whiter, whereas lighter-colored lipsticks tend to bring out the yellow and darker tones in teeth.

10) Don't Whiten Your Teeth Using Homemade Or Untested Concoctions.

They might seem cheaper in the short-term but the damage that they can do to your teeth can result in thousands of pounds spent repairing the damage in the long-term. It's just not worth it! If you do want to whiten your teeth professionally, please remember that dentist led professional teeth whitening is only way to safely improve the colour of your teeth.

Great advice Krupal! Now you should all have healthy white smiles to dazzle on your dates. Enjoy!

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