01/10/2013 14:47 BST | Updated 01/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Celebrity Hairstylist Daniel Johnson's Hairstyling Tips For Men

I met up with celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson. He's worked with everyone from footballer Gareth Bale to the royal family of Dubai so he's definitely THE man in the know. Here are Daniel's top 10 pre-date hairstyling tips...

When getting ready for your date, the last thing you want is to have a bad hair day. It's a nightmare. You're all ready, dressed to impress and then 'BAM!' it hits you... what happened to that slick, styled hair?!

When reading magazines or advice columns, have you ever noticed how they tend to focus on women? Makeup tips, shoe advice, how to get the perfect wavy curls.... Sound familiar? Well don't worry guys, I've got the perfect solution.

I met up with celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson. He's worked with everyone from footballer Gareth Bale to the royal family of Dubai so he's definitely THE man in the know.


Here are Daniel's top 10 pre-date hairstyling tips:

1) Clean healthy hair is a must on first date. If you want to impress your date, it must smell and look good.

2) Make a statement with your hair. A good hairstyle speaks volumes in itself. Women love men with a good hair do. It shows that you take a pride in your appearance and sends the impression that this relates to other areas of your life too.

3) Always use the right hair product. This is very important for the hairstyle so don't cut corners. Find one that suits your hair and style type.

4) Avoid brushing your hair while it is still wet. If you don't, it could break and you wouldn't want it to spoil your hairstyle would you?!

5) I recommend treating yourself to a good hair treatment a few days before the date. This will help to protect your hair from braking, splitting and drying out. Keeping your hair nourished will protect it from the weather conditions, from blow drying etc. and will keep it looking healthy, glossy and nourished.

6) To minimise hair damage, try to only wash your hair when needed. You should ALWAYS use a good shampoo and conditioner too. No half stepping!

7) One tip that you might not know is that a good diet is the ultimate tool for achieving that banging hair... Eat fruits, veg, nuts, oily fish (such as salmon), spinach, and let's not forget, if you want to see big improvements to your hair, drink lots of water.

8) Don't forget to groom the hair on the rest of your body too. If you're rocking a stubble look, trimming the edges is very important. Shape your eyebrows too, if needed. No bushy business!

9) Check out your date's grooming style too. If she's well styled, it shows that she pays attention to, and takes a pride in, her appearance. If she takes care of herself, she probably takes care of other areas of her life too. Good catch!

10) Hair is the ULTIMATE accessory. Whether it's a sporting event or a first date, your hairstyle has got to be right, cut well and in shape. The edges must be ALWAYS be sharp and I mean razor sharp slick. A nicely groomed hairline creates the right impression so don't just do it for your date... do it for YOURSELF!!!

Here's a photo of me giving a barcode trim to one of the England International FC players for a TV advert.


11) Never go on a date with out a fresh trim. It's standard to get one done on the day so it's look super sharp and ready to impress. Finishing off with a decent fragrance is also a must. You can't be going on your date smelling like a bad apple.

12) Getting a haircut that matches your face shape is VERY important. The last thing you need is a messed up hairdo on your date, hairs looking out of place etc. Everyone has a different head and hair shape so make sure that your stylist knows what (s)he's doing.

It's vital that you don't just get a haircut that everyone has, make sure that your stylist helps you to pick one that suits you personally, just saying!

13) Most of all, make sure the tools that your hairstylist is using on you are kept clean. If you've got facial hair, guys, keep it in shape at all times and let your stylist know the deal, especially with something as important as a date. Remember, big things can't be going on on your date if you have fluff on your face or you look un-kept... it's just not the one

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