17/05/2016 07:50 BST | Updated 17/05/2017 06:12 BST

The Hidden Link Between Personality and the Use of Technology

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of very well researched reports about the correlation between intelligence and the use of social media and dating websites and apps. We can't deny the pattern shown to us by psychologists and analysts, as they carefully assess and evaluate behaviour in order to draw a representative picture.

Researchers don't guess about situations, they consider socio-cultural facts and evaluate their findings carefully before going public with them (it is about their reputation and credibility). Based on an article I read a couple of weeks ago and interesting conversations in a roundtable, may people agreed with the statement made in this article that appeared on the Independent newswebsite.

It's not the tech, it's me

Many people are in denial about the negative effect of technology on their lives due to the way they use it. This is an issue beyond education, it is an issue concerning personality, attitude and personal values. According to Mail Online, social media, in particular Facebook, is responsible for one in seven divorces.

Where do you stand?

Technology meant to make life easier, facilitate communication, enable people to collaborate with each other regardless of geographic borders and to help us form more meaningful communities.

Technology, mobile, apps and social media included, is the best thing made available to people. It all depends how we use them, our intent and purpose! However, far too often some (some) people blame the technology when something goes wrong. As a result, there is a link (often a hidden link) between the character and personality of individuals and how they use the technology.

One may argue with all the above research studies and some may call it hedonism. Whatever that is, it is harming our cultural values and our societies. Maybe if we try to keep our traditional cultural and human values such as dignity, honesty, transparency and respect; we will be able to build more successful businesses and enjoy life better?!

The moment people become objects, machines will replace and control them! You can see someone's true personality through their attitude and behaviour, no matter how great they are in faking their attitude. Don't lead through words, lead as an example and leave legacy.