19/12/2013 06:49 GMT | Updated 17/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Parlez-Vous Fashion: Introducing Caslazur

Ah, December. The season of tinsel wrapped jumpers, cracker hat selfies and mince pie gorging. The beginning of skiing, mulled wine and touch-sensitive iPhone gloves. But who wouldn't like to be on a beach, right now? I've got both hands in the air right now. Say, Australia. Bondi beach, anyone?

It isn't snowing just yet - if we all keep our fingers crossed, hopefully it won't start. While the Southern Hemisphere is about to celebrate the festive season around beach fires and in swimming pools, we'll be merry on sherry and wrapped in jumpers. No angora though, if you don't mind.

Because one can't just jump on a plane to the land down under, one must make do living vicariously through another. One must - this being a winter commandment - gaze adoringly at one's summer wardrobe and remember that soon, we will be reunited. As that moment can't come soon enough, the lady I've chosen for this year's Christmas escape is Cassie Snelgar. I've been following her on Instagram (@caslazur) which only makes the pining for warm climes worse. Where's my swimming pool office?


You see, Ms Snelgar is au fait with a certain clothing design process. I hesitate to call it 'fashion' because the spring/summer 2014 collection does not contain pieces that fall under 'fashionable', but 'timeless'. This sartorial climate calls for just that, pieces to be worn and cherished - that don't stand out as belonging to any one season. Call me boring, but with my increasing affectation for blending seamlessly into a sophisticated, understated crowd, a certain breed of baggy leather pants just happens to make the cut.


Caslazur's offering for the coming season fuses Snelgar's African heritage with the vibe of Sydney's Bondi beach bums. The result is sumptuous, luxury day wear - in the baggy leather pants and sheer, drapey shirts - with enchanting silk patterns - matchy-matchy tops and bottoms. Of the latter, there's a particularly obsess-worthy shift dress that will be mine. It is luxury tribal, chill-out wear, all to be worn with Birkenstocks and a pedicure.


Last year I had an Australian landlord. He was laid back, always asking me 'how're you going?' and never concerned about anything but the Ashes. Caslazur has the same vibe; her girl is cool and calm. She turns heads, not because she looks a million dollars, but because her clothes have it all worked out. The simple shapes and silk-leather contrast do all the work. Even the leopard print is gentle and unassuming - balmy weather chic working really hard. Caslazur will pay its way in compliments, mark my word.


The spring/summer 2014 collection will be available in February 2014. For now, visit Caslazur online at