Sportsluxe: A Mysterious Phenomena

20/07/2012 09:59 BST | Updated 16/09/2012 10:12 BST

When I was younger I didn't really 'get' fashion. I mainly ran around in wellington boots, Barbour jackets (way before they were cool) and got jolly muddy in the rain. All I knew was that whatever was in Vogue was really, really beautiful and that I wanted to edit it. This desire has stayed with me becoming my ultimate point of focus. Years later and surrounded daily by thousands of pounds worth of clothes, there are still some things that I don't 'get'.

Fighting my own desires to grow old before my years and dress solely in elegant black day in day out, this season so far I've embraced both pastels and neons as a result of my Cos and Zara weaknesses and bought my first pair of extravagant shoes. They're Miu Miu, if anyone's interested. But there's one 'trend' that I just don't 'get', still. And I have tried, promise.

We couldn't be more aware of the impending Olympic Games soon to hit our already jammed packed city; needless to say I'm not impressed about this supposedly great period of British PR. The devil counterpart to this money-spinning/wasting venture is sportsluxe, a trend that perplexes me more than brothel creepers. AW12 Press day after press day saw mounds of heeled high-tops, so it looks like we're holding this trend over winter too. Hooray. As far as I'm concerned, trainers are for sport; correct me if I'm wrong but you're not going to be shooting hoops in your £200 pair of the season's highlights.

Sorry Ms McCartney, but aertex will always look like aertex whether it's my old school PE kit or Stella. While the lads might be loving an excuse to wear trackies 'on trend', it's just not cool. If you're wearing trainers on the daily commute I am still going to assume that your real shoes are under your desk. I'll hope so anyway.

Perhaps next season we will endure a resurgence of the 'jodphur' trend following British equestrian success. I pray to thee, Ralph Lauren.