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Disneyland Paris - My Best Holiday MomentPROMOTED BY BRITISH AIRWAYS


When I was little, we couldn't afford to go to the beach three hours away, let alone to Disneyland. Actually, my mom barely took us to the park, and when she did take us, we weren't allowed to ask for anything, just eat our packed lunch and "enjoy the sun", she used to say. Craving for candyfloss, sweet popcorn, going on the rides and taking pictures with some sad characters, it was everything I wanted with all my 10-year-old heart. I still remember the day we finally got a new TV and I crowned myself the queen of the remote control. Now all the animated movies could keep my spirit young and away from all the drama happening in my family at the time. Disney characters were a refuge when I was feeling down and due to a heightened imagination, it wasn't hard to understand why I always believed dreams come true in the end.

I was 31 when I finally set foot in the magic land called Disneyland. Attending Paris Fashion Week was unbelievable, but I couldn't wait for it to end so I can embark in what was soon to be remembered as my best holiday moment. This blog post is about remembering we're kids at heart, it's about forgetting the adult theatrics and submerging in laughter, pure joy, and loads of fun.

Is Disneyland a good idea when you're in your 30s and have no children? The 40% of guests who come to Disneyland by themselves prove just that. If you like to party, eat great food, enjoy the rush of rides, and laugh all day long with Minnie and Mickey, then YES, go ahead and plan that trip with your friends. I got to spend three days in the magic land and every moment was exciting. The VIP treatment made the trip memorable, I must say. I'll be taking Emma in a few years, but I'd better save up because we can't downgrade after tasting the best Disneyland has to offer.

Let me tell you first about the big thrills. If you're after adrenaline and rush, Disneyland has it covered, from the exhilarating adventure on Indiana Jones, riding the tidal wave through Crush's Coaster and reaching dizzying heights on the Tower of Terror, to the adrenaline-inducing Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Space Mountain Mission 2. There is something for all levels of thrill-seekers. I am a big fan of rides, and Disneyland doesn't disappoint. The newest adventure is the Walt Disney Studio Park where you can be shrunk down to the size of Remy whilst feasting on French cuisine in Bistrot Chez Remy, or step next door to board a ratmobile in Ratatouille: The Adventure, a multi-sensory attraction like no other.

What I loved the most about Disneyland was that everyone is happy there, and I am quite the optimistic and cheerful person, so I felt like my place was among the Disney characters, wearing my Minnie ears with pride and even humming Disney classics while strolling down Main street U.S.A. But my favourite part was when I recaptured childhood memories and waved at my favourite characters as they passed by in Disney Magic on Parade. Along with children, I was ecstatic when I met Ana and Elsa, Minnie and Mickey, Winnie the Pooh and so many more, while the lively music, bright costumes, and vibrant floats added an extra splash of colour and magic to the streets of Disneyland. Each evening the town is set on fire during the spectacular show, Disney Dreams, in which fireworks light up Sleeping Beauty Castle with timeless Disney stories, ensuring your day is truly #DisneyPerfect. All you have to do is soak up the magical party atmosphere, proving there is no age limit to either of these adventures. I might admit I shed a few tears of joy throughout my magical stay at Disneyland. I might also admit I had the biggest smile while wandering around, feeling childish and ecstatic.

Another favourite was the dining options. I am a foodie at heart. This is how I've started my blog actually, cooking. My Instagram is invaded by mouthwatering pictures, because yes, I love my food. Disneyland has so many options to choose from, starting with fast food for people with a bucket list to check, or free spirits like us, wanting to dine with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Lunch like a royal amongst princes and princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon, or have dinner at Inventions, Disneyland Hotel, both surrounded by the beloved Disney characters. We made the most of this magical dining experience by taking selfies with the greatest fairytale heroines. For the ultimate grown-up experience, I am recommending a gourmet dinner at California Grill, Disneyland Hotel, where some of the best chefs in Europe will embark you on a taste trip to heaven. I mean, we had Cinderella's slipper made of white chocolate for desserts. How inspiring is that?

Regarding accommodation, I stayed at the luxurious Disneyland hotel, where the rooms are so large and depicted from a fairytale, with character-dressed housekeepers and valets, to take the experience to the next level. Nothing beats a cocktail party at Cafe Fantasia in a beautiful musical room overlooking the park. One of the most memorable part of this trip was viewing the suite Michael Jackson used to stay in. It was like walking in history. There is also his signature hidden in one of the rooms, but I'll let you guess where it is as an incentive to book that trip.

You might think a visit to Nepal or a climb on Kilimanjaro would've been more appropriate for the best holiday moment blog post. For me, it was the emotion of a lost childhood recaptured in three days. It was the child in me finally seeing a dream come true.

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