19/06/2017 09:03 BST | Updated 19/06/2017 09:03 BST

It's Okay To Not Know What You Want To Do With Your Life

fizkes via Getty Images

When it comes to making decisions, I'm probably one of the worst people for it. Seriously - about three months ago, I spent fifteen minutes stood in the fruit aisle of Tesco wondering if it was a red or green apple that I wanted for my lunch. (In the end, I got a green one.)

But on a serious note, my lack of decision-making skills was getting me down and the biggest trouble causer was this: I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, never mind my lunch.

I didn't know what career path I wanted to take (even after being made redundant), and I had no idea what I wanted to do with all these years of life that I have standing in front of me.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realised that it doesn't matter if I don't have a roadmap of my life pencilled in my brain. It doesn't matter if I wander around life looking for something to attract my attention. After all, the best things do come when you're not looking for them, right?

My first steps for realising this came with my experience at school. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and suffering with a variety of mental health issues which meant that I felt stuck. Everyone else wanted to go to university, but I didn't. I felt stuck, not knowing what to do with my life. So, I dropped out, home-schooled myself and now I STILL don't have a clue about what I want to do.

When I left education, it was hard for me to get a job. I searched as many resume templates as I could find and I was still disheartened when I didn't get some of the roles I applied for. But even if I did, I knew that deep-down, I wouldn't be happy there. I didn't know what I wanted, but it knew that it wasn't that job.

I guarantee you; a large portion of people who look disgustingly happy on their Facebook won't have their dream job. (Let's face it, jumping out of bed in the morning to work a job that you're not happy within doesn't scream #lifegoals.) But you don't have to be one of them.

You'll have probably heard about how some of the most successful people in the world only became "successful" later in life. Stan Lee didn't create his first comic until he was 39; Harland Sanders (the owner of KFC) didn't franchise his restaurant until he was 62.

Even if you have no idea what you're wanting to do with your life right now, it doesn't matter. Get out of the crappy job that you want to cry when you think about and get back to your roots.

Think about what you enjoy and what makes you happy, then build a career and a lifestyle around that.

The world is a big place. There's a career, job and lifestyle perfect for you - you just gotta experiment and find it, without rushing.