Is Jennifer Aniston About To Re-Brand Herself As A Bad Girl?

The big question is whether Jen's loyal fans will accept her new look. The actress is not just a celebrity but a brand too.

Fashion is all about change and the constant stream of new ideas, but there are a few things we have come to rely on over the years: red lipstick is always a winner, Elizabeth Hurely will never get bored of slit-to-the-thigh Versace gowns, Chanel's 2.55 handbag will forever represent French chic, and Jennifer Aniston will always champion girl-next-door style. Or so we thought....

Because ever since Jen hooked up with actor Justin Theroux, in May this year, she's been making subtle tweaks to her wardrobe that suggest a reinvention could be on the cards. Justin - who hangs out with Terry Richardson, has a beard and rides a motorbike - has been described as a "bad boy" by just about every gossip rag. Jennifer, as we all know, is no bad girl. But she's certainly trying.

Whilst she's, so far, failed to slip into bad-girl leathers (perhaps that's one step too far into Angelina Jolie territory) she recently got her first tattoo (albeit, of her dead dogs name) and tried her hand at knicker-flashing. Yes, her white skirt did only become see-through because of a cheeky burst of sunshine, and the knickers in question were sensible cotton briefs, but the Jennifer of old would never be caught in such a saucy scandal.

There's also the case of the slightly chavy his and hers gold nameplate rings, which both Justin and Jen have been photographed wearing on their wedding fingers, and the Michael Kors buckle-detail spiked-stiletto heels that she was spotted wearing in New York. A risqué choice for someone who's famed for their love of flip flops.

Small statements they may be, but they're all starting to add up. If Jennifer continues to flirt with her inner bad girl it would undoubtedly be the most exciting celebrity reinvention since Gwyneth Paltrow swapped her earth-mother image for platform heels and sassy mini dresses.

The big question is whether Jen's loyal fans will accept her new look. The actress is not just a celebrity but a brand too. If she ditches the safe denim cut-offs, predictable little black dresses and honey-gold highlights what will be left? Hopefully a woman ready to finally distance herself from Rachel Green, Brad Pitt and the "unlucky in love" headlines. Jennifer Aniston Part Two, we welcome your arrival...


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