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In for a Kopek, in for a Rouble!

Privet Dorogaya! (1)

From Paris I fly straight to New York to catch up with family and friends.

Most of my close family live in New York, including my two brothers and their children and two of my sons - one at college and one now working.

If you are wondering how one as young and krasivaya (2) as I can have boys of such an age: nyet, I have NOT visited the plastic surgeon - it's just that I was a child bride when I married Arkady! (Russkie often marry young: we need somebody to keep us warm in the long Russian winter!)

Anyway, it was lovely to see my nephews and nieces. Also, I met up with my friend Hana. We did some shopping in Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman - Barney's is the best: much cooler than Harvey Nichols and it has the best fashion buyers in world.

One day, we drive to New Jersey to visit the New Four Seasons Spa. No, it's not what you're thinking! This is not a 5 star hotel, but a Korean spa! They don't speak a word of English, but they do to-die-for body scrubs (Russians LOVE body scrubs) and amazing ginger soap exfoliation.

Feeling great, we go to the Standard Hotel in East Village for lunch. It is a beautiful day, so we sit outside and order hamburgers (they are famous for them) and a bottle of our favourite Domaine Ott rosé. And then another one. Well - in for a kopek, in for a ruble, as we say in Moskva!

From NY, I fly back to London to quickly repack for the South of France and the Cannes Film Festival. I am staying at the Carlton - OMG, it needs a facelift. (Unlike me!).

My room is overlooking the bay, but the décor is something else: YELLOW carpet YELLOW curtains; and the 1920s bath tap actually comes off in my hand! The food is katastrofa (3). And to think they made me reserve 12 months in advance - for that pile of navoz! (4)

I should be staying at the Hotel du Cap. When I think of the STEPPES of Rublye Arkady and I have spent there over the years. But it has a new owner - again - and he has said 'film people only' during the Film Festival.

He should know which side his blini is buttered - all year round - instead of - izvinite (5) - star-fu**ing for one week a year and ignoring his regular customers!

Anyway apart from the hotel humiliation, it was actually a great week - except of course for the weather - once again it rains for 7 out of 10 days. It is worse than the snow in Moskva!

The parties this year are very good. I go to the de Grisogono dinner and afterparty at Hotel du Cap; a dinner for 70 given by Harvey Weinstein at his villa for Brad Pitt. I don't go for the unshaven look - Russkie don't do neryashlivyĭ (6) - but maybe it is for a new film....or because Angelina's not there to keep him in order!

Also fun was the AMFAR (film people's AIDS charity) party - lots of stars - so great people-watching; a dinner in Monaco given by Star Diamond (a private jeweller specialising in rare, large and coloured stones); and my friend Denise Rich on her yacht, Lady Joy, for Eva Longoria.

Now we are back for the "English Season". It should be called the "Rainy Season", if the weather doesn't improve!

(1) Hello Darlings!

(2) Beautiful

(3) Disaster!

(4) Manure

(5) Forgive me

(6) Scruffy