23/05/2016 13:17 BST | Updated 24/05/2017 06:12 BST

Ten Signs You Have a Teething Baby

Well, it has begun. I've heard it talked about so many times by other parents, usually prefixed by a swear word. Our baby is teething! We are now proud members of the club of exhausted parents who can't understand quite why evolution still hasn't made teething less painful for the poor little blighters. Surely there's got to be a better way?!

There are signs I have noticed since this phase has started which I have compiled into a handy list. Here are my 10 signs you have a teething baby:

1. You have to utter the phrase 'No, darling, curtains aren't for eating'. Actually, you say this phrase about pretty much any household item the baby can reach and put in his mouth.

2. A bib lasts, on average, an hour and there are drool patches covering everywhere you and the baby have been. Spit Chic is your new style and you're working it, mama.

3. Your usually pale baby has cheeks that look like an embarrassed cartoon character's.

4. Your contented, independent baby has turned into a whingy, sad little thing who is only happy being cuddled and rocked.

5. There's a dedicated fridge space for teething toys. Right next to the fruit and jam.

6. You've gone from feeding around every 3 hours to almost constantly whipping a boob out to calm your fractious baby!

7. The must have clothing item for this season? Your teething necklace. These are a genius invention!

8. Your biggest fear is now being bitten during a feed. It's really horrendous when it happens. So far this has only happened once and everyone tells me they soon realise not to do it, so fingers crossed...

9. You may as well have bought shares in Nuby for the amount of money you've spent on their products.

10. The phrase 'Ashton and Parsons' is referred to in the same manner usually reserved for deities.


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