24/01/2014 12:06 GMT | Updated 26/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Believe in God, or Fancy Those That Do? The Dating-By-Category Saga Continues

Apparently it's really difficult to meet eligible Christians these days. Church-going singletons just can't seem to catch a break. But never fear, that's where Christian Connection comes in.

When I first saw the dating website's ad pop up on the London Underground I thought it was a joke, but upon googling it, turns out these guys are totally for real.


Now, before I open myself up to a whole lot of vitriol, I don't have any qualms over religious folk looking for love with other religious folk - I hear great things about sharing common interests with a potential mate - but it does make me wonder why the general single public need to be sectioned off into pools. Is that really they key to finding love?

I know everyone has a type but it's starting to feel as if we've laid out exactly what man/woman we're looking for and if he or she doesn't match the exact criteria it just won't work gosh darn it!

There are sites exclusively for the ginger-haired, for those who "work in uniform or fancy those that do", for gluten-free singles, for the tall, for people who think they're vampires - the list goes on.

Whatever happened to making eye contact with a stranger in a bar, laughing together over a a bottle of wine until last orders, exchanging numbers, and, after a couple of perfectly pleasant months, realising you're made for each other? Or was that never, in actual fact, a reality?

At this point I figure love is just like any other commodity and someone's gotta come up with a USP that'll make their new internet startup standout from Guardian Soulmates.

Call me old fashioned but I like to think there's something in getting to know one and other, and dating is far more enjoyable when there's a bit of mystery involved.

Who knows, the guy who asked for your number on the bus might turn out to be an avid stamp collector - and that's great - but there's no need to go narrowing down your search exclusively to those who fill scrap books with postage stickers.

Soon they'll be a dating app that allows you to scan people's faces and find out every little detail about them via a quick search of their social media and, of course, the sex offenders register - oh wait, that already exists.