10/12/2013 17:45 GMT | Updated 09/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Is Love Really a Matter of Distance?

A new survey by location-finding dating app Lovoo of 2,000 adults suggests we're all more likely to strike up a relationship with someone living in the same town... And we're probably going to meet said lover-lover down The Dog And Duck (but that's a matter for another blog!).

I know what you're thinking, that's not particularly surprising, but when I considered it further, this near obvious point offers those of us looking for love some pretty sound guidance.

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If you strike up a conversation with a beautiful stranger in a bar then check where they live asap because who wants to start up that long distance thing? It's a pain in the rear for all parties and is 100% guaranteed to end in tears. You may call me a skeptic but I've got real life proof long distance romances aren't worth the bother.

My first example is my pal Ken*. Ken had been single for a while (read: f@&#ing forever!) and was starting to worry he'd lost his mojo, when he ran into an old uni friend at a get together. Let's call her Cindy. Cindy and Ken got chatting and soon sparks we're flying left right and bloody centre.

They arranged to meet up for a date half way between their respective places of residence. Ken calls Croydon and Cindy, well Cindy's from Bristol. After a few dates in not-so-nearby Reading they were really hitting it off. But then, out of nowhere, Ken couldn't be flippin' arsed to keep forking out for the train and Cindy's excellent chat and pretty face was overlooked in favour of saving some pennies.

He got all mardy and took it out on poor Cindy - who by this time was totes involved. Then he dumped her, by text. She got sad, he felt bad. It probably would've been better if they'd never gone out at all. And let's face it Ken and Cindy were never meant to be.

However, Ken wasn't off the market for long. A few weeks later he plucked up the courage to ask out waitress, er, Barbie... Who lives a mile from him. As I write they're all set for their second date, and I'm off to buy a hat.

My second example is myself. I somehow managed to keep a pretty stagnant relationship going for the best part of three years. The 120 miles between us acted as a obstruction, an obstruction which prevented me realising what a massive douche he was for too long.

The third and final case is taken from the Holy Bible of all things life and dating, 'Friends'. Things never worked out for Ross and Emily, not just because he said: "I take thee Rachel," at the alter, but because he didn't want to move to London to be with her. And who did he end up with and live happily ever after with? Rachel, a girl who lived in the building across the street. Point proven.

In sum, it might not be the most romantic of dating ideologies but the closer the better.

*Names have been changed to protect those mentioned from embarrassment. Ken wanted me to refer to him as Ryan Gosling. Sorry mate.

Lovoo is a new location based dating app that allows you to meet people near you via its live radar. Download now for iPhone and Android.