16/12/2012 17:23 GMT | Updated 15/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Do Something Different This New Year's Eve

I know for many people, New Years Eve is just another night and their idea of heaven is just staying home enjoying the specials and coverage on TV. But. I've never been one of these people.

New Year's Eve is one of my favourite nights of the year. It's not just because you have the next day off work. It's because of the energy, the enthusiasm, the parties and the the excitement that comes with this night too.

I try to do something different every year, and this year I'm lucky enough to be spending New Year's Eve in the amazing city of Sydney. It's always been on my bucket list to see those incredible fireworks over the harbour bridge - and this year I'm finally going to see them. It wasn't cheap, but I think it's worth the money if you get to tick off your number one bucket list item. Wouldn't you agree?

There are a few other things I'd love to do for New Year though, and as I see a lifetime of New Year's infront of me, I keep adding places to the list and things which I'd love to see and do on this incredible night when the clock chimes.

Hopefully my bucket list can inspire you - and get you off the sofa this New Year's Eve?

NYE in Thailand

There is this gorgeous romanticism about Thailand which I adore - and whilst I've been there before, I've never been there for New Years Eve. Thailand is an incredible place and I love how far flung it feels once you arrive. And it's not just a feeling - you are far-flung when you're in Thailand, you're more than a 10 hour flight from home after all.

I'm undecided where exactly I'd want to spend the New Year in Thailand but I have a feeling Bangkok might be a good place to start. I don't know if it's the Hangover film or just the general impression I get - but this place looks like it'd do the New Year justice! Bangkok doesn't need to be expensive either, which is good news as in many places the prices skyrocket around this time. I've found too (and this is an golden nugget tip) that in places like Thailand, finding independent websites for booking your hotel can be a great way to go, especially over those big corporate travel sites. Websites like and have always worked well for me in grabbing a great deal - much better than the bigger websites.

NYE in New York City

New York city is one of those cities that has so much to see and so much to do - you might possibly never leave! I know that's how I've always felt when I've visited. I've been to NYC twice, and each time I've thought "How awesome would it be to spend NYE here?!" and I think those suspicions would be correct.

When I finally get to spend NYE in NYC I'll be one of those crazy people who camps out in Times Square for the best view of the ball dropping. Yes - I know it'll be a long wait - but Oh My Gosh, will it be worth it!

If you're reading this and thinking it sounds pretty awesome - I don't think NYC has to be a pricy destination either. With websites like AirBnB becoming more and more popular, you can grab cheap accommodation in these expensive western cities really easily now. Some of the rooms I see one there sometimes look better than a hotel!

NYE on Fraser Island

It's the World's biggest sand island, and you can take tours and camp overnight on this island with various Australian tour companies. I'll actually be visiting Fraser Island next summer, but I have a feeling this destination is one that would really shine on NYE. You get to spend it camping on one of the World's most gorgeous beach spots - with people eager to have just as good of a time as you.

The best bit? There's no TV here to distract you. It's just you, the beach, the people and the great atmosphere. Sounds awesome to me! Oh, and Australia are in the middle of their summer right now - so you're guaranteed good weather!