28/10/2014 06:46 GMT | Updated 27/12/2014 05:59 GMT

The Best Romantic Experiences in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn't just for 20-somethings and bachelor parties. Despite what the Hollywood film industry would have you believe. There are some absolutely beautiful locations in the city perfect for romancing a partner...

I mean, how else can you visit Paris, Rome, Venice and New York all in one night?

Here are my top things to do in Las Vegas for couples wanting to embrace a little bit of romance (and it is possible, trust me!)

1. Mandalay Bay - Foundation Room

If you want to start the romantic night off with an incredible view and beautiful surroundings - then look no further than this bar. The decor is beautifully authentic, and whisks you off to Asia, with all their incredible wood sculptures, heavy door frames and ornate finishes.


But saying that, the real hero in this venue is the view outside... this is truly where The Foundation wins out over every and any other bar in Las Vegas. Trust me - I've looked. You'll never find a view more epic, more romantic or more 'Vegas' than the view The Foundation Room has.

So you want a romantic night out? Go here for cocktails (I'd recommend the Old Fashioned by the way), a few small plates (they have a selection of asian inspired yummyness) and soak in the view all night. It'll take your breath away, and hopefully sweep you both off your feet.

I wrote a full review on my blog, here.


2. Hire a private gondola at the Venetian

OK, so it's not the real Venice, but it comes pretty close - and it's hard to deny the romance is still there for the taking. Take a long stroll around the 'Venetian' cobbled streets first and finish your romantic night on one of their beautiful Venetian gondolas.

This option is a little more cliched than the bar above (and a bit more touristy!) but it's still magic and something you'll definitely remember!


3. Watch the Bellagio Fountains

For something free but helplessly romantic, watch the Bellagio Fountains one evening. The fountains light up every 10 minutes, so it's worth hanging around for an hour or two and seeing lots of the performances... especially if you can find a good spot.

You'll get lost in time watching the fountains, as they're so utterly beautiful - and before you know it hours and hours will have passed.



4. Treat yourself to some fine-dining

In a city like Las Vegas, where everything is on-tap and available within second, you forget that the city is also home to some of finest dining in the State. I've eaten at Alize during my time in Vegas, which is an intimate restaurant at the top of Palms Hotel and Casino.

The service is wonderful, as is the food - so if you're wanting to sweep someone off their feet in style, this might just be the right way to do it.


5. Watch a show - there are loads

I've always found the theatre romantic, it's lovely to get dressed up, and Vegas has some of the best shows around the world, all in one place. I've seen Shania Twain, Penn and Teller and Cirque Du Soleil and they're all magnificent. For romance though - choose something musical, perhaps LOVE (lit up by the songs of The Beatles).