23/08/2013 07:59 BST | Updated 22/10/2013 06:12 BST

Trainers, Running my Mind

It's safe to say they're here to stay. Walk down any street in any city, town or village and look down. They're on everyone's feet. Twitter is littered with sneakerholics sharing tips on where to buy that perfect pair, photos of who's wearing what and outraged comments from young(ish) men up in arms over - god forbid - women wearing trainers with dresses. In any case, and personal styling aside, we're all wearing them - men and women alike. And people are talking about them.

High fashion labels seem to be joining in too. Chanel have brought out some pretty cool monochrome trainers as worn by Cara Delevingne. Christian Louboutin have an interesting trainer selection on their website accompanied by hefty price tags, some north of £1K.

My personal taste has drawn me more towards the APC & Liberty collaborations with Nike. APC, the French ready-to-wear minimalist brand, keeps things clean and chic in black, white, blue and brown colourways on the classic Nike Air Max and Nike Dunk Highs. Meanwhile, Liberty runs its iconic floral prints once again this summer, this time on Nike Air Max 1, Nike Blazer Mid/Lo, Nike Dunk Hi and Roshe Run models. It's also been thrown into the mix as an ID option.

These types of high end collaborations are great. Stylish designs and more choice for the female consumer. However, despite the trusty trainer's rise to the top, the main players are still missing a trick.

The women's mass-market selection is limited. Yes, it sounds almost too tempting a cause for the feminist crusaders out there, but the women's selection is mainly pink and purple. Does Nike not think women are after black patent, woven-toed or basketball-inspired, swoosh-emblazoned trainers? Apparently not. Shrink it 'n' pink it, that seems to be the way.

The trainer magazine Complex recently asked a group of 20 female sneakerheads to share their favourite men's trainers they wished were made in their female counter-size. Similarly, the urban magazine Hypebeast created a poll that asked whether women were being underrepresented in terms of trainer releases. The answer? A resounding yes.

So, trainer giants, the demand for trainer equality is calling. Women want the same designs and darker colourways as men are being offered. If nothing is done perhaps I should patent a rock solid sock trainer filler. Women will be able to stuff this into the men's trainers they have purchased, so they too can wear trainers that aren't pink and purple.

Surprisingly enough, we've graduated from the female baby range of pink and purple tones. Women out there from all corners of the globe seem to be joining together to make that message heard. It's funny, the fashion world is usually a hop, skip and a jump ahead of the curve - especially when it comes to women's wear.

Not on this one.

The issue seems timely as Nike celebrate 25 years of JUSTDOIT. I applaud you Nike, and encourage you to #PLEASEJUSTDOIT at Purple Unicorn Planet.

This is a shout-out - step up, and take us out of the newborn baby girl section. Or someone call me about the sock patent.