01/11/2013 10:21 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:52 GMT

Pros and Cons of Writing Services

Here is the good, bad and ugly side of paper writing services. They are all over the Internet because they are not actually illegal. It is not illegal to use a paper writing service during your studies. It is however strictly prohibited by every educational institution in America, so it is up to you if you wish to take the risk. Although this article shows the good and the bad sides of paper writing services, you should note that there are circumstances where the use of a paper writing service is morally justified and circumstances where it is ethically abhorrent. Here is the good, bad and ugly side to paper writing services.


Good for if you are sick


You cannot help if you are ill, and sometimes you are ill at just the wrong time. Despite your best efforts, you are unlikely to finish your essay to a satisfactory standard. In this case, it is morally sound to hire a writing service. If you were working in the real world then a fellow employee would cover your duty shift if you were ill, and hiring an essay writing service is doing just the same.


Good for increasing your grade point average


Your grade point average may have fallen to a point where you really need to knuckle down and concentrate. You are likely to be playing catch up, so in order to regain some lost ground and help raise your grade point average; it is a good idea to hire a paper writing service.


Good for submitting essays on your weaker subjects


Occasional custom essay writing services reviews will show you that some of the supposed experts behind the paper writing are more versed in certain subjects than you are. If this is the case, then they/he/her are more likely to score better when writing an essay upon that subject. You may be dealing with a company that employs people with degrees, or a company that employs underpaid third world writers. If you order an essay for a subject, you are likely to score poorly upon then even an expert's mediocre efforts will score higher than your best efforts.


Bad because you cannot guarantee quality


The company you hire could employ experts with degrees or could be hiring third world workers who really need the money. You cannot guarantee either of the two, despite how much money you pay to the writing service.


Bad for learning your own subject


Writing essays is a good way of absorbing information and learning your subject through dedicated thought and research. You miss out on this when you hire a writing service.


Bad because it is cheating


From a moral standpoint, it is technically cheating. Sometimes, as mentioned in the pro section, it is morally justified, but that does not stop people abusing the system. The moral and ethical implications should be considered, but you should remember that the ones who use the service and get away with it might one day get your job because of their higher grades.


Ugly because you may be expelled


If you are caught hiring an essay writing service then you are going to be removed from your course, and no other university or college will accept you. You need to be sure that the essay you hand in is original and has not been copied from another. You also need to ensure that no other student has used the same service, as you may be handing in identical essays.

It's totally up to you use writing services or not, but you should keep in mind these tips.