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25 Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Better

So why should you work in a start-up and what makes this dynamic so appealing? Here are 25 reasons that I could think of in list form..

Corporate is going out of style. There, I said it. Ask any 18-25 year old where they'd prefer to work; a stuffy, corporate office or an up-and-coming, fresh new start-up. They'd choose the trendy start-up because it's more exciting, it's more interesting and of course, when you're young, you're more likely to take chances in your career.

So why should you work in a start-up and what makes this dynamic so appealing? Here are 25 reasons that I could think of in list form:

1. When working in a small business, you're not just another number on the payroll, you're part of the growth of a company meaning not only is your input absolutely necessary, it's recognised

2. Everybody knows that starting a business comes with some tough lessons. Managers of SMEs and start-ups tend to be more open to suggestions and criticisms than those of established corporations

3. Better lines of communication- that guy you've been desperately trying to get hold of isn't 10 emails and 5 missed calls away, he's at the other side of the office

4. In a start-up, you're more likely to be a jack of all trades which is as educational as it is exciting. A new job from day to day means there'd be no room for feeling bored

5. Less bureaucracy - start-ups and small businesses are of course still bureaucratic but they're not yet at the cold, unwavering level

6. You have the opportunity to see how your contribution fits into the business

7. Challenging - small businesses adapt fast

9. The sky really is the limit and there are plenty of success stories to aspire to. Google, Amazon and Tesco all started out as SME's

10. Working within a smaller workforce means there's opportunity for a more diverse network. You'll be on first name, talking terms with everyone from the IT guy to the CEO

11. Many start-ups and small businesses have great, inspiring cultures that encourage education and growth across the board

12. Due to the passion for growth and learning, there is plenty of opportunity and enthusiasm surrounding exploring other departments

13. There are enhanced opportunities for promotion

15. SMEs have a high level of satisfied employees (Source: University of Kent)

16. There is an exciting range of start-ups out there so even if one doesn't fit as you imagined, there's a lot of encouraging room for improvement career-wise

17. If you have a dream of starting your own business, there's no better place to inspire, educate and motivate you than somewhere that's taking those first footsteps as and when you're working there

18. Passion for the product or service - with so few people in the team, enthusiasm is infectious!

19. Environment - it's often easier for a smaller business to look towards sustainability

20. Networking - the number of inspiring start-ups/SMEs you can connect with is huge

21. It's a very positive working environment- a recent study found that 80% of SMEs are overall optimistic! (Source: AXA)

22. It's an inspiring opportunity to be part of something brand new and it's an investment into your career!

23. There's a lot of space for fun, some start-ups allow flexible working hours and others even have office dogs!

24. Start-ups are hiring, there has never been a better time to get involved

25. It's a valuable life experience. Not every job you have and leave can be considered as valuable in the long-term but in a start-up you learn patience, you learn to be frugal and you learn the staples of building a business. These are invaluable lessons that can be carried through

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