11/09/2014 04:37 BST | Updated 10/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Eight Things You Must Do When Visiting Ibiza

Lots of people see Ibiza and automatically associate it with endless parting in world renowned clubs. Yes, those words are synonymous with certain parts of the island, but there is another side of Ibiza that offers idyllic beaches, fantastic Spanish culture and quaint towns.

In this blog post I wanted to share the other side of Ibiza. The alternative Ibiza that I like to call my second home.

So, here are my top eight things you must do when on the White Isle, and not one of them mentions going to a club.


1. Climb up the old town


In Ibiza's main town (Eivissa) is a traditional and beautiful cathedral on top of a rather steep hill lined with quaint streets, shops and even Spanish houses.

It's a steep and longish walk up to the top, but well worth the effort you have to put in. You can take several different routes, but be sure to stop and admire the views. The best time to climb up is just before sunset for a cooler temperature and the best light for photographs.

2. Visit Formentera




Take a boat to the island just off Ibiza called Formentera for awe inspiring beaches and crystal clear water. I've never been to the Caribbean, but Formentera's beaches must rival them.

It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to travel to Formentera by boat, and is well worth the cost. However, if you take the time to shop around a little you can often get a good deal.

We went with Aqua Bus which takes a little longer than the quick ferries, but is much cheaper and you get a great ride on a boat with fantastic views and amazing photo opportunities.

As for when you're there, hire bikes for around 5 euros each. The nearest beach is an easy 20 minute bike ride away and has places to leave your bike. And you get to see much more of the island than you would in a car, on a bus or in a taxi.

3. Don't be afraid of the back streets


Most of the time the best places aren't on the touristy strips. The back streets, particularly in Ibiza town offer a little more culture and far more interesting shops.

I find the back streets in Santa Eulalia particularly nice, as I find the main front can get a little touristy and busy.

Even in San Antonio this is the case. Carry on walking along the sea front past the sunset strip and you'll stumble across a lovely ice cream parlour serving the best ice cream.

4. Don't stick to the main beaches


Ibiza has so many beautiful beaches that you wouldn't be doing the island justice if you just went and visited one.

Sometimes the beaches that require a little more effort to reach are the best. I recommend Benirras beach or one of my favourites, Cala Salada, near San Antonio. It requires a treacherous walk over the cliff face (or a short swim) to reach the best part of the beach... but it is well worth it.

5. Watch the sunset at Es Vedra


There is something strangely captivating and powerful about Es Vedra, and the sunsets are something else.

You have to walk a little to reach a small area where you can sit and watch the sun go down around mesmerising views, and amazing photos.

6. Visit Ses Salines and watch the sunset over the salt flats


Ses Salines is a short drive away from Playa Den Bossa and by far one of the best beaches on the island.

With crystal clear waters and white soft sand it's a beach you can visit time and time again without getting bored.

It is also definitely worth taking a walk to the fort a short walk off the beach marking the most southern part of the island.

Take sandwiches and stay late on the beach before heading back and pulling in to a lay-by to watch the most gorgeous sunsets over the salt flats

7. Act like a local, not a tourist


Get in to the spirit of things, learn a bit of Spanish and be adventurous. One of the best experiences I had this holiday were those off the cuff that you wouldn't do as a normal tourist.

For example stopping at the local orangery and trying freshly squeezed orange juice or even nipping to the local supermarket. It gives you an outlook into the culture and makes you appreciate the island even more.

8. Visit Los Pasajeros restaurant in the old town


Los Pasajeros is the best kept Ibizan secret if ever there was one. This tiny first floor restaurant located In Eivissa offers not only the best mash potato I've ever tasted in my life but an explosive atmosphere with comforting home cooked food at an extremely reasonable price.