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"Where's Your Face Mummy?"

Modern technology is everywhere. I rarely read magazines because I read all articles I want to on my phone. What is the difference if a child sees a book on a screen? I am sure we are capable of makin

"Can't see your face mummy." My toddler always says this if I decide to turn over in bed when I am in need of a little more sleep and I don't need my eyes poking out anymore. It is very cute as he pulls my face to turn my head so that I can face him. I truly love that he does this and it is the cutest thing, especially his little voice when he says it. To be honest I am surprised he is not sick of the sight of my face, he sees me all day every day, apart from the 6 hours he is in Pre-School. Surely he must want time out from 'my face' as we all need time out from each other and a bit of 'us' time. If it means we get to watch 30 minutes of a program we like, or the children watching 'Peppa Pig' for 10 minutes surely that is a good thing? Children don't always need to see our face do they?

Which brings me to my topic of debate. I have seen in the media this week a lot of hype around the new gadget that allows you to attach a Tablet or iPad to your pushchair. Apparently parenting experts have dubbed these as 'horrific'. Anybody that knows me, knows I am 100% behind all things natural. I still play calming CD's at bedtime for my children after their bedtime stories, they are now; 7, 5 and almost 3. I feel that I could write a book on how to raise confident, happy children, and I don't personally see what the issue is with these gadgets. I am sure no manufacturers are suggesting you make your children watch the iPad 24/7 whilst you ignore them and go about your daily tasks. I am more horrified that we now have 'hands-free' in our cars these days. What about concentrating on the road/motorway when you are driving? This may reduce car collisions! Or how about talking and singing to your children in the car instead of being on phone calls? Did the world not recently pay homage and celebrate Marty McFly's 2015 date shown on the Flux Capacitor in the Time Machine? I am sure people predicted by now in the year 2015 that we would all be wearing spacesuits and were going to be transported via flying cars.

I have a Cosatto Supa pushchair, which comes with a media pocket. The transparent pocket can be used to put pictures of family members, books for baby to look at, or yes, an iPad if you like. We are living in the 21st Century. Modern technology is everywhere. I rarely read magazines because I read all articles I want to on my phone. What is the difference if a child sees a book on a screen? I am sure we are capable of making the educated choice as parents of what to put on an iPad screen and for what length of time. I know I can get Eastenders on BBC i-player now if I miss it, but I don't think I would make the 2 year old watch the WHOLE episode with me whilst we were waiting at the bus stop *winky face.* These are accessories that don't need to be used excessively, everything in moderation they say. The Cosatto Supa was a God-send at Singapore airport when we had to wait for connecting flights to New Zealand with 3 children under 5. I also want to ask what is the difference between having the TV on at home for short bursts to them watching the iPad when out walking? You are still able to talk to your children on walks to the park and shops. Surely they are enjoying the benefits of fresh air too. Just because our children watch dvd's on long car journeys to see relatives doesn't mean we that we don't play i-spy too some of the journey and talk to them aswell.

My brother-in-law is a Teacher and he made the valid point that one day technology may eradicate handwriting in Schools. This is a scary thought, but true. Modern technology is ours to take advantage of it. Let's enjoy it.

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