18/11/2015 07:39 GMT | Updated 18/11/2016 05:12 GMT

An Iconic Gentleman - Jonah Lomu

As a writer you expect the words to flow, in any situation they should tumble over the page, however after waking up to the news that Jonah Lomu has passed away I have struggled to put pen to paper. How do I begin to do justice to an individual that changed the face of our great game forever and did so with such a gracious temperament and honour?

Jonah Lomu was a one off; he was a sporting icon, a strong and powerful individual on and off the field and a loving family man. His actions are immortalised in the footage captured from his time on the field and particular in the All Black 11 jersey and for this we, as fans of this great game, will forever be grateful.

Brilliance transcends time, brilliance is ageless and watching Jonah full flight will always be a pleasure. Once in a generation you are lucky to be able to witness history being made and I speak with conviction when I say that no-one will ever come close to replicating the impact that Jonah had on our sport.

The world of rugby has been shocked by the sudden loss of one of its true greats, the word legend is too often used however for Jonah Tali Lomu it hardly touches the surface. Prior to the Rugby World Cup I had the tremendous honour of speaking with Jonah, he was filled with joy and contentment being in England for the pinnacle of our sport. Jonah spoke with such love and compassion for his young family and expressed a great wish to see his boys grow up and flourish. He shared that they were already charging around with a mini rugby ball and it is heartbreaking to think that he will never have the opportunity to do that. My sincerest condolences go out to them and all of Jonah's family and friends at this very difficult time.

Rugby has lost a true gentleman and a great man. There is a warmth in knowing that the most iconic All Black ever saw his nation make history this autumn however at 40 years old Jonah has been taken far, far too soon. Rest In Peace.