10/10/2014 10:34 BST | Updated 09/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Did Any of Us Realise How Close Wasps Were to Ceasing to Exist? A New Era in the Club's History Can Now Begin...

This morning, as the sun rises, there will be many rugby fans across the country that are thinking about the events that unfolded over the past two days. It was quite the day in the history of the game in indeed in the history of Wasps Rugby Club. It has never been a secret that High Wycombe and Adams Park wasn't the forever home of the Club so the confirmation of the move yesterday didn't come from nowhere.

During the course of the Wednesday, we were delivered with the facts regarding the precarious nature of Wasps in terms of its financial situation, both now and during the course of the time that Derek Richardson has owned the club. Did many realise how truly close Wasps came to going into administration and therefore ceasing to be a Club? I expect not, however in fact there were only a small number of minutes between Wasps falling out of existence and Derek saving the club. Over the past 18 months Derek has absorbed almost £10million of the Club's losses and currently Wasps are losing approximately £3 million every year, a financially impossible model to sustain. Now in October 2014 Derek is saving the club once again through providing future stability and ensuring that Wasps remain at the heart of English Rugby for years and years to come. Thanks to the movement and ownership of such a facility like the Ricoh Arena, profitability is on the horizon and with that comes stability, strength and a financial pot that is akin to the ambition and desire of all working at, involved with and supporting Wasps.

When the relocation decision broke emotions ran high; of course they did that is only natural, however now the facts are out in the open and the true picture has been revealed; it is a picture that many of us, me included, weren't fully privy to and will change many opinions across the country. The comprehensive manner in which Wasps are assisting their fans to digest this move is to be hugely praised; it shows the wholehearted commitment of all individuals that work at the club to ensure that fans are provided with the right information, and the right opportunities to help them continue to support the side that they love. Free transport to and from the Ricoh for the rest of the season, along with upgraded season tickets and of course a brand spanking new 32,000 seater stadium, just think of the atmosphere that is possible.

An emotional time it may be however personally I whole-heartedly support the bravery of the decision and the manner in which the club has been saved, for the thought of Wasps ceasing to be, in any form, is one that shakes me to my very core.