Adele's Best Work Will Come as a Mother

23/10/2012 11:39 BST | Updated 22/12/2012 10:12 GMT

By Neil Simpson author of Adele: To Make You Feel Her Love.

Adele has just become a mum - and funnily enough that's great news for fans who say a follow-up album to 21 can't come soon enough. Sure, she's going to be too busy to record any new material in the foreseeable future. But when she does, the multiple Grammy Award winner is set to scale new heights.

That's because Adele has always thrived on two things: emotion and honesty.

From Chasing Pavements to Rolling in the Deep her songs are based on moments of high drama - and they've been written fast while her feelings are fresh and true. As a little girl she wrote notes to her mom when she didn't know how to tell her things face to face. At school, teachers say Adele was always jotting down words and phrases that later became the backbone to her music. And when her early relationships hit the rocks she picked up pen and paper and told the world exactly how she felt.

Today, as the proud mum of a baby boy, Adele has a whole new set of emotions to explore. They'll be unexpected, unpredictable and often contradictory. But they will also be strong, exciting and occasionally overwhelming. These are the exact same emotions that bring out the best in Adele. They trigger her extraordinary creativity. Friends say it won't be long before she's jotting down key words and phrases again.

As these jottings gradually turn into songs we should start to see a whole new side to Adele. She has always been far happier than her heart-breaking songs suggest. She's never wanted to spend her whole career writing break-up music. Now she has something else to focus upon. A whole new phase to her life, and her music, has begun. Around the world countless millions of us love Adele's music. But my prediction is simple. The best is yet to come.

Sunday Times Top Ten best-selling biographer Neil Simpson is the author of Adele: To Make You Feel Her Love.