16/03/2016 12:24 GMT | Updated 16/03/2016 15:10 GMT

Don't Feel Old, But... These 10 Albums Came Out 30 Years Ago!

1986 was a particularly good year for pop.

1986 was a big year for pop, particularly in the UK. Jimmy Somerville sealed his departure from Bronski Beat with a storming chart-topper 'Don't Leave Me This Way' and EastEnder Nick Berry beguiled us with his piano-tinkling ballad 'Every Loser Wins'. 

It's a jaw-dropping 30 years since these albums came out, songs you can probably sing along to, verse by verse, more easily than you can recall your own mobile phone number. 

Here is the top ten countdown of the UK's biggest sellers in 1986... what was your favourite?

  • 10. Eurythmics - Revenge
    10. Eurythmics - Revenge
    This unconventional duo were responsible for some of the most catchy songs of the era. Songs from this album include: 'When Tomorrow Comes', 'Missionary Man', 'Thorn In My Side' and ballad 'Miracle of Love'.
  • 9. Five Star - Silk and Steel
    9. Five Star - Silk and Steel
    Five Star
    Romford was famous in the 1980s for two things: Steve Davis and the Pearson family. Singles included: 'Can't Wait Another Minute', 'Rain or Shine' and 'The Slightest Touch'.
  • 8. Queen - A Kind of Magic
    8. Queen - A Kind of Magic
    Following their stealing of Live Aid the previous year, Queen burst back into the charts with this. Singles included: 'One Vision', 'Friends Will Be Friends', and the poignant 'Who Wants to Live Forever'.
  • 7. A-ha - Hunting High And Low
    7. A-ha - Hunting High And Low
    Still the most famous three people to come from Norway. Singles from this debut album inclued: 'Take On Me', 'The Sun Always Shines On TV' and the title ballad.
  • 6. Now 7 - compilation
    6. Now 7 - compilation
    Back in the day, fewer collaborations and more sales. Singles included: Peter Gabriel - 'Sledgehammer', Chris De Burgh - 'Lady in Red', Bucks Fizz - 'New Beginning'.
  • 5. Whitney Houston - eponymous debut
    5. Whitney Houston - eponymous debut
    The birth of an icon. Stunning from the start. Singles included: 'How Will I Know', 'The Greatest Love Of All', and the song that started it all, 'Saving All My Love For You'.
  • 4. Paul Simon - Graceland
    4. Paul Simon - Graceland
    Paul Simon
    Paul Simon led the way for artists to prove it was possible to be diverse and popular. Singles included: 'You Can Call Me Al', 'Boy in a Bubble' and 'Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes'.
  • 3. Now8 - compilation
    3. Now8 - compilation
    Same year, different hits. Singles included: Pet Shop Boys - 'Suburbia', Mel and Kim - 'Showing Out', Cutting Crew - 'I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight'.
  • 2. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
    2. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
    Dire Straits
    If you owned one CD in the 1980s, chances are it was this. Singles included: 'Money For Nothing', 'Walk of Life' and the eternal saxophone-led 'His Latest Trick'.
  • 1. Madonna - True Blue
    1. Madonna - True Blue
    The year's bestselling perfect pop album. Singles included: 'Papa Don't Preach', 'Live to Tell', 'Open Your Heart' and the enduring crowd-pleaser 'La Isla Bonita'.