Nutritionist Reveals 10 Everyday Foods Supermarkets Should Be Discounting (Instead Of Sweets And Cake)

It comes amid calls for shops to stop offering promotions on unhealthy food.

A London-based nutritionist has revealed the 10 food items she believes supermarkets should be offering promotions and discounts on - instead of fizzy drinks and biscuits.

It comes after consumer group Which? called on shops to help fight against obesity after finding that more than half of supermarket offers were on less healthy foods.

After looking at promotions from Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, Which? found that some 53% of the 77,165 promotions between April and June were on foods high in fat, saturates, sugar or salt.

Alarmingly, 52% of confectionery was on offer compared with 30% of fresh fruit and 34% of vegetables.

Here, we spoke to nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed from SR Nutrition to find out what she’d like to see discounted instead.

1. Blueberries

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“These are so delicious and something I like to include as a snack or with breakfast in the morning, but they are expensive,” says Stirling-Reed.

“It would be great to see offers on these but remember, you can get similar nutrients from a variety of other fruits and berries and at a lower rate. Kiwi is a great example or you could try buying a bag of frozen fruits.”

2. Nuts

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”These are such a great food and snack option, full of fibre, protein and vitamins and minerals but many people are put off buying them because of the cost.

“Many of us would benefit from including nuts in our diets more regularly, and having them on offer more at the supermarket might just encourage this.”

3. In-season fruits

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”Although fruits are usually cheaper when in season, it would be good to ensure they are affordable to everyone as much as possible and also that more is done to highlight in season fruits and veggies that are cheaper too.”

4. Quinoa

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”A great source of protein and carbohydrate and a good option for vegetarians too, but this grain is often more expensive than others.”

5. Avocados

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”Just imagine ‘buy one get one free’ on avocados!”

6. Seeds

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”Packets of seeds can be fairly expensive but are a great source of fibre, healthy fats and minerals and it would be great to see more offers on these at the supermarket too.”

7. Natural yoghurt

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”Another great food often with plenty of protein and a really versatile ingredient.”

8. Sourdough or wholemeal bread

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“I love sourdough because it’s delicious. But the method to make it does need a lot more work and therefore the higher price is understandable.”

9. Rooibos tea

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”There are rarely offers on this tea but it’s a great, caffeine free alternative tea with a really refreshing taste. It’s also a good option for pregnant women who might choose it if it was on offer more regularly.”

10. Vine-ripened tomatoes

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“These are the freshest-tasting tomatoes (in my opinion) but their price is miles above standard tomatoes.”