10-Year-Old Won Drum Battle Against Dave Grohl, So He Wrote Her A Superhero Theme Song

Nandi Bushell, a huge Foo Fighters fan, just had the surprise of her life.

A 10-year-old drummer from Ipswich is fast on her way to achieving Rock God status.

Nandi Bushell – who you might recognise from last year’s Argos Christmas advert – took part in an epic drum-off with Dave Grohl to the song ‘Dead End Friends’ by his band, Them Crooked Vultures. And he was so impressed by her performance, he’s written a superhero theme tune especially for her.

Following their battle last week, Nandi said it was an “honour” to be able to drum with “the most awesome, fun, kind and legendary Dave Grohl”.

When Grohl declared she’d won the battle, he tweeted a hint that there was more to come: “You win round one... but it ain’t over yet! Buckle up, cuz I have something special in mind.”

And he didn’t disappoint. On Monday, he shared a video on the Foo Fighters Twitter account of him singing a song that he’d written and performed especially for Nandi – or, as Grohl describes her, “the number one drummer girl, the best drummer in the world”.

“Every superhero needs a theme song,” Grohl tweeted to the 10-year-old. “Here’s one for you!”

Not one to hide his talents, Grohl can be seen singing, drumming and playing guitar in the track, while his daughters (the Grohlettes) provide backing vocals, singing Nandi’s name throughout.

The song describes how Nandi is “always right on time” and a “hero wunderkind”.

“She’s got the power, she’s got the sound,” Grohl sings. “Nandi on the drums makes the world go round.”

Nandi was absolutely thrilled by the tune and can be seen clutching her face, wide-eyed and awestruck, as she watches Grohl perform.

“I can’t believe Mr. Grohl wrote a song about me!?!” she tweeted. “This is so so so #EPIC!! I think it’s the best song EVER, in the WORLD, EVER!!! Thank you so much Dave. You have raised the stakes to all instruments! I accept your next challenge!”

Your move Nandi, we can’t wait to see what happens next.