107-Year-Old Says Daily Glass Of Whisky Is The Key To Her Longevity

'It’s good medicine.'

A former dance teacher celebrating her 107th birthday has put down her longevity down to drinking a glass of whisky every day.

Sprightly Kay Travis says the key to living so long is to have a tipple of scotch every day - because she “believes it’s good medicine”.

Kay, who still makes her own meals and loves the odd fish and chip supper, has drained 5,475 glasses of whisky over the last 15 years.

Great-grandma-of-three Kay has lived in her home for 80 years in the Crosspool area of Sheffield, South Yorks., and only has some additional help from carers.


Her son Jon Travis, 77, says his mum is still very independent and is adamant on serving up her own grub.

He said: “She has always cooked her own food and has a varied diet, although nowadays, because of arthritis, she generally directs her carer as to how she wants her food cooking.

“She occasionally does order a takeaway pizza or has fish and chips.

“She has a regular daily whisky - which she believes is good medicine.

“She drinks Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky the most, which is her favourite, but she’ll have a tot of whatever whisky she can get hold of to be honest.”

Jon jokingly added: “Mum is definitely not an alcoholic, but she’s been drinking whisky every day for the last 15 years or so.”

Kay was born in Sheffield, South Yorks., on August 14, 1910, but her childhood was blighted by WW1 and her father John Gamble died in action when she was just seven.

Her mother later remarried and had a son, whose two daughters are still in touch with their centenarian relative.

Before tying the knot with her husband, Reginald, Kay taught dancing.

Reginald managed the long-established silvermakers Travis, Wilson & Co, which was sold in 1976 and eventually became part of Pinder Bros.

Asked about her birthday celebrations, Kay said: “I have really, really enjoyed it - it was excellent.

“Being with my family was really special and it was great to see everyone again.”

Kay’s day-to-day help is provided by family and social services, alongside HomeInstead Senior Care, a company that tries to keep elderly people living independently for as long as possible.

Jon added: “She still enjoys her trips out for the occasional lunch with her friends and family, and shopping with her carers.”

Kay marked her birthday by attending a ‘friendship lunch’ at the Crosspool Tavern and even hosted a tea party at her home on her birthday (Monday).

Charlie Matthews

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