11 Games Like Wordle You Can Play Over And Over And Over

If one puzzle a day isn't enough for you, check out these other online word games that are fun and free.
Versions of Wordle are available in all sorts of themes and languages, including Spanish.
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Versions of Wordle are available in all sorts of themes and languages, including Spanish.

If you can’t get enough of the online word-guessing puzzle game Wordle, you’ve surely felt frustrated that you can only play once per day. What are we all to do when the daily game is solved but our competitive juices are still flowing? Definitely not work!

But you can go play other games that are similar to Worldle — and you can play some of them as many times as you like.

The goal of Wordle is to figure out a five-letter word in six guesses (or, ideally, fewer). The game uses gray, yellow and green squares to tell you if the letters you’ve picked are in the final answer. Once you’ve figured it out, it’s easy to brag — ahem, share your results — on social media without revealing the final answer and spoiling someone else’s day. The New York Times bought Wordle last month, and the game shows no signs of declining in popularity.

However, there are plenty of other online games that are super similar to Wordle. Check out some of them below if you want to keep guessing all day.

Hello Wordl
Hello Wordl uses the same yellow and green feedback clues as Wordle, but there are two key differences: You can "give up" when stumped to find out the word, and you can play unlimited times per day.
In Quordle, players have to solve four word grids at once, with every guess revealing clues on every board. Two more features set this site apart: There's an "official" game you can only play once daily, plus a practice board you can play over and over.
Absurdle says it's an "adversarial" version of Wordle. It doesn't just pick one single answer for you to guess, but actively tries to prolong the game by using your guesses to widen the field of possible answers as much as the pool of words allows. If you need a challenge, this is for you!
Check that potty mouth of yours with Lewdle, a Wordle-style game with guesses from the dirtiest nether regions of the dictionary. Its creators say more than 3 million people have played it in its first few weeks online. Filthy!
Word Master
Play as much as you want with Word Master, a game that is basically Wordle with a different interface and free unlimited words.
Lordle Of The Rings
Stray but a little, and you will fail. This Wordle alternative uses five-letter words from the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, including proper nouns like character names and places. There's one Lordle of the Rings game per day, but you can play until you figure out the answer.
Guess two related words that intersect with each other on Crosswordle, which also allows you to create your own personalized game to share with friends.
Like Quordle, Dordle lets you guess more than one word while only inputting one word at a time. This one challenges you to go for two, and just once per day.
As you might have guessed from the name, this Wordle-style puzzle asks users to guess one word each day that somehow relates to Taylor Swift.
Geography braggarts can get what's coming to them with the daily challenge on Worldle, which presents the shape of a country and lets you know with a percentage clue how physically close your guess is to the right answer. (We totally knew this was Suriname — we just wanted to show you how it works.)
Wordle In Spanish
Whether you're fluent or practicing, Wordle (Es) gives you all the fun of Wordle, but in Spanish. If offers just one puzzle per day, but if you're multilingual, you can also check out versions in languages including French, Portuguese, Hawaiian and German.

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