11 New Baby Cards On Etsy Your New Parent Pals Will Love

Sh*t just got real.

You’ll find plenty of new baby cards with storks, teddybears and elephants in the supermarket – most of them in either pink or blue. But if you’re looking for something a little different for your new parent pal, Etsy is the place to go.

The independent sellers create personalised options for that extra special touch, funny slogans that reflect your mates’ personality and sensitive designs for when things haven’t always gone to plan. Here are eleven of our favourites.

Sarah Burns Prints/Etsy

Congrats On The Tiny Human Card, Sarah Burns Prints, Etsy, £2.00


Outstanding Reproductive Skills, Twinpines Creative, Etsy, £3.00


Shit Just Got Real, Bettie Confetti, Etsy, £3.25

Bear And Bert Creations/Etsy

Awesome People Awesome Babies, Ink And Fred, Etsy, £2.02

Altered Chic/Etsy

Personalised Hand Print Cut-out Card, Altered Chic, Etsy, £4.50

Handmade By Swans/Etsy

New Baby Promise Card, La Familia Green/Etsy, £3.96

Salty Day Prints/ Etsy

They See You Rollin, Salty Day Prints, Etsy, £3.96

With Puns/ Etsy

Tamagotchi Baby Card, With Puns, Etsy, £2.50


A Legend Is Born, Twinnt, Etsy, £2.50

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