11 Strangers Who've Made Someone's Day With Small But Mighty Acts Of Kindness

Three cheers for each and every one of them 👏

When you’re having a bad day, an unexpected act of kindness from a stranger can make all the difference – and be something you remember for a lifetime.

On Twitter, Rachael Berkey (who tweets as @bookoisseur), asked her followers to share the touching times they’d received unsolicited generosity from strangers, no matter how big or small. She explained that a taxi driver recently handed her a box of tissues when she was crying in the back seat.

More than 1,200 people have liked her tweet, with hundreds commenting on the thread. Turns out the world is full of great people, including:

1. The gentleman who restored one mum’s faith in men.

2. The stranger who helped a passenger through her fear of flying.

3. The bus driver who went above and beyond her duties.

4. The festival-goers who saved a woman from disaster.

5. The Uber driver with words of wisdom.

6. The stranger who knew a hug was needed.

7. The police officer who returned a wallet across the ocean.

8. The construction workers who downed tools to help someone in need.

9. The customer who gave one very generous tip.

10. The backpackers who sacrificed a decent night’s sleep.

11. The stranger who paid for lunch.