14 Successful Creatives Share The One Style Piece That Makes Them Feel Empowered


When looking back at 2017, it’s not just the conversations, smells and colours we remember but what we put on our bodies also.

Our favourite style pieces are sentimental and can feel like a second skin. Comforting, protective and reassuring, they propel us to go on to do great things and be our best selves.

We asked successful creatives to name the one item that made them feel empowered this year and why they can’t wait to rock it next year.

If you don’t have such an item in your in their wardrobe, make this high on the list of New Year’s resolutions.

Faiyaz Kolia, photographer and editor

Vintage white trench coat, East End Vintage

“It’s all white, it makes me feel fresh and positive like I can do anything. This outfit isn’t over the top but it’s eye catching cause it’s monochromatic and there’s still a focal point which is the trench (which I got for £1!). I think people often overlook this but comfortable clothes will definitely put you in a better mood.”

Rosalind Jana, author, poet, model and journalist

Green velvet dressing gown, charity shop

“I debated on purchasing this emerald velvet dressing gown this year for £30 from a charity shop earlier this year but actually, it is what I wear most days when sitting down to write. I feel quietly powerful and rather decadent and as though I am a 1930s novelist.”

Ramario Chevoy, dancer, stylist and fashion creative.

“A custom made necklace in the shape of Jamaica by Lucky Little Blights reminds me of my heritage and childhood. Though, I don’t wear it that often it’s a reminder. Any time I’m out there, it gives me a reality check to be grateful for everything I have back home in England.”

Naomi Shimada, model, story teller and TV presenter

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Puffer Coat, Marques Almeida

“This makes me feel invicbly protected. Like it holds secret powers and makes people want to hug me!”

Ellie Connor-Phillips, student and Fashion Assistant at XXY Magazine

Beret, Depop

“I think the piece of clothing that make me feel empowered in 2017 was definitely my beret. I got it second hand, it was a collaboration piece with a French designer I think. It says “head of a genius” in French on the back. I like how it makes any outfit more funky and it reminds me that I do have good ideas sometimes!”

Stella Katterman, blogger and creative and social strategist

Bag, Gucci

“I bought this for myself after getting my new job and saving from my hard earned cash. I am super frugal when it comes to everything. But when I got my new job, I thought fuck it, I only live once and have worked really hard to get where I am. It’s taught me to take a second and treat myself because I earned it.”

Emma Gannon, writer, author and host of Ctrl Alt Delete podcast

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Faux fur coat, ASOS

“My faux fur coats! I love my red one from Born at Dawn or my new coat with the faux fur trim which makes me look like I’m off to a Great Gatsby party.”

Chidera Eggerue AKA The Slumflower, blogger, presenter and speaker

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Necklace, Image Gang

“The accessory that has made me feel empowered this 2017 is my Afro goddess necklace I always wear. I rarely ever see black women represented in jewellery so this is important to me! There’s no greater feeling than wearing something that reminds you of all the incredible things about me including my Afro!”

Alya Mooro, journalist and writer

Tit Tees by Girl VS Cancer

“This year my friend Lauren was diagnosed with breast cancer. Never one to take things lying down, she launched the Girl VS Cancer movement, as well as some gorgeously designed and hilarious Tit-Tees to raise money and awareness and remind people to check their breasts!

“This fried egg tee from the collection is one of my favourite tees. It makes me feel so empowered every time I have it on and reminds me that 1) it is *always* possible to make some positive out of any situation, no matter how shitty it can be at the time and 2) doing so can make *ALL* the difference.”

Joy Crookes, musician

Earrings, Indian jewellery retailer

“My jhumkas! They are with me always and it’s my way of having a connection to my culture wherever I go. I refuse to buy from certain shops which promotes a ‘hippy culture’ but actually profits off lots of Indian jewellery. I buy them from online Indian seller’s and from shops in Wembley and Alperton - they are cheaper but it’s because I know where the money is going.”

Faiza Tasnim, fashion student and freelance stylist

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Sunglasses, Brick Lane vintage shops / giantvintage.com

“I love playing with colours, shapes and frames but for me, sunglasses just top off a look. I think it adds character and it’s not the norm for a lot of people to wear in this weather - especially with this snow!”

Camilla Ackley, blogger, writer and Editor-in-Chief of Into The Fold

“These & Other Stories knee high suede boots make me feel like I can tackle anything. I’ve had them for a few years but this is the year I’ve really grown into wearing them - they make me feel sexy, and incredibly powerful. I think I used to be a bit afraid of that feeling. I don’t know what it is about a pair of good boots but these really make me feel amazing about myself, and that feeling is incredibly empowering. I call them my sassy boots!”

Poppy Ajudha, musician

“I bought this ‘BEWARE’ tee and it just makes me feel bad as fuck haha! Don’t come and move to me on the street, don’t chat to me, I don’t have time to pander to your ego. I don’t exist to please you.”

Tori West, publisher of BRICKS Magazine and Editor of Neighbourhood.TV

Teeshirt via French Daisy

“My favourite piece of clothing from this year is my Self Love Club tee, a gift from French Daisy. 2017 has been a such a shit year, obviously in terms of post-political stress, but also, the ways in which the media has portrayed women is still shocking.

“Women are still being misrepresented. The women who’ve fought back — from everyone to Chloe Sheppard to Charlie Craggs — are teaching the world the meaning of what diversity and equality is. It takes a lot of courage to call out brands and publications that have a much bigger platform than you and I admire the women who do it in the hope to teach others that everyone is beautiful, to love ourselves for who we are.”


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