16 Things You Only Know If You Met Your Partner On A Dating App

Explaining it to your parents.

These days we are statistically more likely to meet someone new through a dating app than in real life.

But just because the odds are in our favour, doesn't mean we're feeling any less awkward about being in a long-term relationship with that loveable random we swiped right on while drunk.

Here are 16 things you only know if you met your partner on a dating app.

1. Trying to explain to your parents where you met.

2. Reassuring your grandparents that it was perfectly safe.

3. Feeling the need to explain you're not normally one of those app people.

4. Meeting their friends and realising you swiped right on more than one of them.

5. Wanting to ask about how 'successful' their dates were before they matched with you.

6. Arguing endlessly about who messaged who first.

7. Remembering the days when you obsessed over every message you sent them.

8. Taking the piss out of them for their profile picture selection.

9. Being unsure when the right time is to delete the apps.

10. Wondering when to phase out all the other fuckboys you were stringing along.

11. Noticing your partner is still saved in your phone contacts with the name of the app.

12. Worrying that they might secretly be catfishing you, even after months of dating.

13. Feeling inferior to couples who met IRL.

14. Having your friends hold your relationship as the pinnacle of online dating success.

15. Knowing if you break up you can't go on the apps because they'll be there.

16. Remembering you sex with them before you even knew their surname.


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