50 Times Schitt's Creek Epitomised 2020 For All Of Us

The Rose family gave us many moments pertinent to our own situations over the last 12 months.

Thanks to a mixture of word of mouth during lockdown and its clean sweep at the Emmys, Schitt’s Creek has enjoyed an explosion in popularity in 2020.

And for millions of us, it has been the binge-worthy boxset that has seen us through the dark times of the last 12 months.

But what you might not have realised is that the Canadian sitcom – about a family of five forced to live in close proximity to each other under stressful circumstances – has basically epitomised all of our years in many, many ways...

1. When someone mentioned the word “coronavirus” in January

2. And we slowly watched the virus make its way across Europe

3. It quickly became apparent that life was going to change

4. Panic buyers started stripping the shelves of loo roll and pasta

5. The prime minister when he announced the first lockdown

6. And us, when he told the nation that the UK would be over Covid in three months

7. When every concert, festival and live event was suddenly cancelled

8. And everyone suddenly became very invested in the story of Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic on Netflix

9. When we were forced to have our first Covid haircut

10. When we stood outside on our doorsteps every Thursday at 8pm

11. When the NHS put out a call for volunteers

12. Every time the government backtracked on a decision as they blundered their way through the pandemic

13. When Dominic Cummings turned up at Barnard Castle

14. And then gave the most half-arsed excuse for his little trip on live TV

15. When we were invited to our 157th Zoom quiz

16. Whenever anyone asked if you’d taken up a new hobby or learned something about yourself in lockdown

17. That one time we bothered to get changed out of our pyjamas and brush our hair

18. Every journalist in every one of Boris Johnson’s press conferences

19. When the government changed the Covid messaging from ‘Stay at home, save lives, protect the NHS’ to ‘Stay alert, control the virus, save lives’

20. When “Dishy Rishi” became a thing

21. When conspiracy theories started spreading on Facebook

22. When single people were allowed a support bubble and got their first hug in months

23. Before going in pursuit of...

24. When we emerged from the first lockdown

25. And we were finally allowed to see our friends and family again

26. The non-essential shops reopened

27. And the pubs. Oh, the pubs

28. And there was outrage at how busy ‘Super Saturday’ was

29. When Eat Out To Help Out was announced

30. What we subsequently ate for every meal for the whole month of August

31. And we could finally book a summer holiday

32. But then you had to self-isolate for two weeks when you got home

33. When the second wave hit

34. And the new tiering system was announced with all the rule variations

35. When Matt Hancock told us it was actually illegal to have sex with someone we didn’t live with

36. When we entered a second national lockdown

37. And the pubs and restaurants closed again

38. But we were distracted by the US election and the prospect of Trump being voted out

39. What the people of the United States told Trump on 7 November

40. But then he threatened not leave the White House

41. Seriously

42. When several rich and famous types started breaking the rules

43. For a long time, it has felt like there was never going to be a way out

44. Because this is basically how we’ve all felt every night since March

45. But then the news of the vaccine was announced

46. And plans for the rollout began

47. But then the government announced Tier 4 and cancelled Christmas for millions and threw plans for millions of others into disarray

48. However, it’s important to remember there is now light at the end of the tunnel, and we must not forget just how far we’ve come

49. To think, what would 2019 us have made of it all?

50. Well done for making it through 2020, everyone!


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