27/12/2018 13:11 GMT

2,500 People Filed Their Tax Returns This Christmas In A Festive Tradition We're Struggling To Get Onboard With

People will apparently do anything to avoid more small talk with the family.

scyther5 via Getty Images

Christmas Day is associated with unwrapping presents, eating too much food, falling out with the family over Monopoly, and for some people, tax returns - apparently.

2616 people submitted their tax return on Christmas Day, with 204 of them doing it before the kids got up to open their presents between, 12am-8am. 

According to HM Revenue and Customs, for some it has become a tradition to get the job done on December 25 and 26, when businessmen and women take a break from trading for the festive period.

To be fair, spending that much time indoors with the family can sometimes be a bit stressful, so taking a bit of peaceful time out to fill out the complicated document (which can take up to 15 hours to complete) almost makes sense.

Peak time was between 1pm and 2pm, when 231 completed self-assessment forms were submitted online, as most of the country were sitting round the table to tuck into their Christmas dinner.

Boxing Day was even more active, with 8,465 submitting their assessments while they were tucking in to turkey sandwiches.

HMRC director-general for customer services Angela MacDonald said: “Whether you fit it in while cooking the Christmas turkey, or after the kids have gone to bed, or after the Queen’s Speech, our online service is available for you to file your tax return at a time that suits you.”

Earlier today, it emerged that nearly 2000 people registered to vote on Christmas Day, in a further endorsement of special festive family time.

More than 11 million taxpayers are expected to complete their self-assessment forms for 2017/18 by the deadline of January 31.