27 Cyber Monday Buys That Could Help Cut Your Utility Bills This Winter

Save money on these products – and your energy and water usage in the long-run.

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Black Friday is a great time to save on treats and presents, but it also makes sense to consider home buys that future you will thank you for buying – like items that will might keep the cost of your dreaded bills down a bit?

Wondering what products might be worth investing in now to help reduce your future spend? We’ve rounded up a selection of deals that will keep you and your house warm this winter – and they’re still available on Cyber Monday.

Firstly, these motion-sensor lights are 52% off and will help you avoid having to put the Big Light on constantly throughout the night.
And if you're home alone, there's no need to turn the heating on for the whole house when you can just pop this space heater on in a closed room. It's 38% off right now!
Not only does this 53%-off ionic shower head filter your water, the micro nozzle technology also increases the water pressure while saving up to 30% on the water that's actually used!
Speaking of saving on your water bill, there's 50% off these lavender shower steamers that'll make your quick shower feel like a soothing bath (with far less water and energy used!).
Keep yourself warm without needing to turn the heating on thanks to this extra thick and cosy 15 tog duvet that also happens to be 21% off.
And there's 54% off this wearable blanket that means you won't have to sacrifice warmth for convenience.
Did I hear someone say 32%-off energy-saving lightbulbs? They have a cosy soft white colour!
And there's 36% off these screw-in ones that are perfect for chandeliers!
This smart plug will allow you to schedule lights, coffee machines, and other appliances to turn on and off automatically so you don't waste unnecessary energy. It's compatible with Amazon Alexa and is 48% less ATM.
These 50%-off tumble dryer balls will effectively shorten the time and energy it takes to dry your clothes. Plus they'll relax the fibres, meaning you'll need to use less fabric conditioner to keep your clothes soft!
If you're just cooking for one or two people, it's a bit of a shame to turn on the whole oven! Luckily this sleek air fryer has nine functions, uses far less fat than regular frying, and is 11% off!
And the same goes for this 23%-off pressure cooker! I use mine to cook curries, stews, chicken, rice, and more up to 70% faster than when using a traditional pot over the stove.
You won't lose heat unnecessarily through your windows thanks to this insulation film that also offers a privacy tint and is 33% off!
And keep heat in your chilliest rooms thanks to these self-adhesive draught excluders that are currently reduced by 44%.
And this weighted draught excluder cushion can be moved from room to room depending on which one you want to keep warm. It's 34% off!
These blackout curtains don't just keep light and noise out, they also keep heat in! Get them for 35% less RN.
There's 25% off this king size electric blanket which will make you feel like a toasty cinnamon bun when you slip into bed.
And this machine-washable electric blanket can be wrapped around you for supreme levels of warmth – all for 33% less!
Use this 45%-off electric heated pad while you're working from home to avoid turning on the central heating. It's also great for back and joint pain!
In the market for a new kettle? This energy-saving one is 17% off and heats up super fast and allows you to boil enough for just one cuppa rather than wasting energy by filling the whole thing.
And there's 15% off this kettle which has a 'keep warm' function so you won't have to boil the same water multiple times.
This weighted blanket keeps you feeling warm and cosy while providing a deep touch pressure stimulation which will help you get a calm, restful night's sleep. Get it for 37% less!
A lamp uses far less energy than the Big Light, and this 20%-off one takes things one step further, with 30 and 60 minute timer options so you won't forget it on for too long!
There's 18% off this reflective sheet which (you guessed it) reflects the heat back from your radiators further into your room, ensuring that when your heating is on it's working to the best of its ability!
These portable hand warmers are 15% off and great for keeping you warm without using any electricity at all!
Keep snug while working from home with this 35%-off heated vest that comes in sizes S-XXL
And this heated back massage belt is great for keeping warm as well as back pain and cramps. It's reduced by 29%!