27-Year-Old Eastern-European 'Real Life Rapunzel' Rocks Her 2-Metre Long Hair

27-Year-Old Eastern-European 'Real Life Rapunzel' Has Hair 2.3 Meters Long

Combing her hair is the main event of Alia Nasroya's day - or should we say "mane" event?

The 27-year-old from Riga, Latvia, has 90-inch-long locks (roughly 2.3 meters) As such, she spends a hair-raising amount of time doing her 'do: One full hour of combing and a whole day to air dry on the days she washes her tresses, according to Barcroft TV.

Oh, and she carries about 10kgs of shampoo, conditioners, and combs when she travels.

Nasroya has spent the last 20 years trying to get her hair to be as long as her favorite fairy tale character, Rapunzel.

Nasroya's husband, Ivan Balaban, is proud of her long locks, but does what he can to stay out of her hair ― literally.

"I am always cuddling up the wall to give more space for hair, so there is no way I can damage it accidentally, mix them up or harm it any other way," he told Barcroft. TV.

"I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit."